WTF is up with the [url] tag

Can we have it back the way it was before? Please?

I got the impression that it wasn’t their decision to change it, it’s whoever makes the BBS software. If it can be changed back, that’d be great. I don’t care so much for the present, but past posts all have missing link-words now, which makes it confusing to read back in a thread.

I am waiting to see if they release another patch shortly, they really do annoy the living hell out of me. Half of what they do is fantastic, but they treat the users and admins like crap, we are all idiots and should be happy. The joys of open source.


Fork the project! ChetBB!

Sadly, we are actually splitting off the code base for a little something new for QT3 that should be done in a few weeks. I am tempted to code freeze the phpBB part and then just deal with any future bugs/security issues on my own.

But if I did that, I know wanting to rip out the post counts would wake me at night - I would hear whispers of “do it! do it! do it!” Then a high pitched girlish scream from koontz. And the hell if I want Koontz’s girlish voice haunting me at night.


Ripping out the post counts would be a great idea…

What? And remove Koontz’s purpose in life? If shudder to think what he’d do with his spare time had he not had his statistics posts to compile.

At the risk of asking a dumb question, how do you create create a link with text now? Doubtless this was explained elsewhere, and I apologize for missing it.

Leave the “http://” part out. Just should work fine with the url tag. Kinda like this.

Only works if the link starts with www though.