WTF? Michael Piller is dead at 57

What the hell?

Michael Piller was one of the best things to ever happen to Trek. He was probably the one most responsible for TNG’s triumphant third season. He wrote some of the best episodes, including Best of Both Worlds. He brought on and mentored a lot of great talent, including BSG’s Ronald Moore. He cocreated Deep Space Nine. This fucking sucks.

I noticed noted fantasy artist Keith Parkinson also died today. Not a great day.

Thanks Michael, you made DS9 what turned out to be a very cool, very different show. Even different than B5. Except for the ending… that kinda sucked. But man it was a good ride.

— Alan

Didn’t know about Parkinson. He was only 47.

I wonder what impact this will have on Vanguard? He was art director for Sigil.

There’s a post by Brad McQuaid himself about Parkinson. It’s not really about the business though.

Wow he wrote Best of Both Worlds? Hats off to him.