WTF NVidia????? Login now required in GeForce Experience


This just means I’ll be updating my drivers less or not at all.

So be it.


[quote=“stusser, post:20, topic:126678, full:true”] I like it. The optimized settings are a good starting point for my games. I just use a fake gmail account to login, not a problem.

I used to like it for that reason, but it’s been completely broken with my hardware setup for months now. I chooses settings that are absurdly underpowered for my system, either because it can’t understand what a Titan X is capable of, and/or it badly underrates my 2010 i7 extreme CPU.


Maybe it got confused between the two products named Titan X like everybody else.


I simply continue to use the older GFE 2.x version. Nuke the C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\GeForce Experience\Update folder to prevent it from self-updating if it tries to (You likely have to do this everytime a new update is pushed out).

Far as I can tell, I still get game setting recommendations and driver updates. That’s all I ever used it for, so I can’t promise anything else works.

I bet I could drop a link to zippyshare or something if folks need a copy of 2.x.


Agreed that they are understating your system’s capabilities. Either that or they think your average gamer demands 100+ frames per second. Seems to me like they’re nudging people towards an upgrade.


Thanks for that. Looks like I’ve got a lot of crap to disable too.


Likewise. Too many things are requiring us to be online the way it is already. It does make me wonder how long it will be until they decide to just jump to the bottom of the slippery slope and force everyone with an nVidia card to install GFE to get their drivers.

At which point I suppose pirating drivers will become a thing.


I uninstalled GeForce Experience today. That login prompt just to install a new driver bothered me more than I thought it would.

Is anyone aware of a simple utility that will alert you when a new driver is available? Maybe something that runs a couple times a day as a scheduled task, checking nvidia’s download server?


Why do you need to update so often? Just check the webpage whenever the urge hits you, every month or two, or when a big AAA title is about to release.


I have the GeForce experience installed and I’ve never had to log in to install an update or a driver update. What’s this all about?


Are you sure you’re not just logged in all the time?


GeForce experience 2.x didn’t require a login, 3.x does. New drivers come with 3.x.


Well, yeah, but is he talking about not wanting to create an account or having an account and being asked to re-log back in all the time?

EDIT - And anyone that registers their video card has an account already, so I guess I don’t quite understand the concern if it’s the former and not the latter?


I stopped using GFX after the bullshit they’ve done with 3.x, Telemetry, Login and all the bloat.

Using OBS now for game recording/streaming so I have no need for whatever it was GFX gave me.


Can you install new drivers without the gforce experience? I just uninstalled that last night when it asked me to log in again.


I’ll download new drivers now and try.

Extracted the .exe and notice that GFX is included. Run Setup.exe

Go Custom and block it in the firewall, cause fck those guys.

Uncheck the useless shit.

And ready to go.


don’t forget telemetry is now enabled on the new drivers.


Not here as far as I can see.
I do not even have any of the nodejs files that GFX comes supplied with in my installation.

1 service “Nvidia Display Container LS” (Local Service), the %programdata%\Nvidia folder doesn’t have anything in the log files either.

Course, I no longer run GFX because if their nonsense.


Weird. I had the nvtm stuff under task scheduler even with a straight drivers-only install, no geforce experience.


FYI latest Nvidia drivers broke Steam hardware encoding.