WTF NVidia????? Login now required in GeForce Experience


Do you normally run the downloaded .exe, or extract it first? Appart from that, I just followed what I wrote in my post earlier (with the pictures) and didn’t get anything but 1 Nvidia service.

Which log files you get in


What do you mean?

EDIT - Oh, I see, Steam Link Streaming. That’s unfortunate.


Seems that the free games that come with new video cards are now tied to the hardware, which must be installed and registered before the game code is given to you via the GeForce Experience app.

Goodbye cheap codes on ebay.


Code I got with my GF1070 was tied to windows 10, which I didn’t have, so couldn’t use it anyway.


they’ve implemented it already, instant0? what game was it for?


He’s probably referring to Gears of War 4, which requires Windows 10 regardless of where you buy it or get a key from. But in that case at least you could resell it.


I immediately felt sorry for Sonal, having to put up with all that.


Question: a friend of mine gave me a key for the new Ghost Recon since he’s not interested in it. It was a pack-in for his Geforce card and seems to be a code that has to be redeemed through Geforce Experience. Since I’m not very keen on running that now that you have to register, I’d like to know: will the activation of the game through GE net me a uPlay or Steam key of the game? Or does it work through GE and requires it to be installed all the time.


I don’t know the specifics of redeeming the key, but it’s a Uplay game. Once you do manage to redeem you won’t need GeForce Experience running.


Nvidia now ties pack-in game keys to the specific product range they are packaged with. So if this was a giveaway for the 10XX product line and you have a 9XX card, it might not work.


You need your friend to redeem the key on his computer with the proper GPU installed. If it was a steam game he would need to link his GFE to your steam account too. Not sure if that’s necessary with UPlay.

Once it’s redeemed you own it in Uplay and don’t need to keep GFE running to play the game.


Maybe he gave it away because he didn’t want to run GFE. That seems to be the most plausible explanation; that or the anti-cheat/spyware the game utilizes.

Either way; Yea; New GFE “rewards” are locked to the GPU so you need to redeem it with GF(b)E3.x on a Nvidia GPU computer.

It is strange that Nvidia went from a web based “SLI Club” where they sent you free stuff and did lots of contests/giveaways (Still using the backpack they sent…) to being “Telemetry”+Shitty GUI. Was there a change in leadership or did they just realize that people do not give a damn anymore and decided fuck it, we’ll be like everyone else and siphon data about our users before we sell it to 3rd parties…


It’s very hard to parse. The lead on the drivers wrote a heated post decrying tinfoil hat posters denigrating software. He claims this was the best way to deliver the stuff they wanted to do and had no nefarious intentions. While I can totally see this being true for streaming (ease of use for end users and the nvidia shield program) I just don’t know what to think about the rest. I’m tired of being used by companies though. If they want to sell our data to 3rd party sources we should get a cut of the sale, or they’re not allowed to sell.


I’m currently working for a company that has a pretty popular app, it includes an option in the settings screen, and visible the first time you launch it that asks something along the lines of “Do you want to send extra information to help troubleshoot the application if there is an error”; if you tell it “no” then it will only send data pertinent to your purchase and delivery of the content you’ve purchased. Seems crazy I know…

And ‘best way to deliver stuff’? What was wrong with GFE2 (Well, there were some issues, but a lot better than the gfe3.x experience imo)? It even had a working user interface for settings; instead of using a “overlay” that -does not handle alt tab-.

Where was the lead writing this?


It was in the Geforce forums. Half of the GeForce experience stuff I find totally pointless. Is it really that hard for people to set their own graphics options? The one time I used it I actually hated the settings kept it auto resetting in my games. I think anything that sends a single bit of data should have an opt out exactly as you mentioned instant0.


At least they can still make some fun things:


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