WTF Royal Family - Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah

As Robert W. Chambers wrote in his 1895 work The King In Red, about a portrait that would drive anyone who beheld it to madness:

He mentioned the establishment of the Dynasty in Carcosa, the lakes which connected Hastur, Aldebaran and the mystery of the Hyades. He spoke of Diana and Camilla, and sounded the cloudy depths of Demhe, and the Lake of Hali. “The scolloped tatters of the King in Red must hide Yhtill forever”, he muttered, but I do not believe Vance heard him. Then by degrees he led Vance along the ramifications of the Imperial family, to Uoht and George, from Naotalba and Windsword, to Aldones, and then tossing aside his sketches and notes, he began the wonderful portrait of the Last King.