I find it hard to belive that there are only two Frequently Asked Questions.

What in choose your diety 's name did you type into Google to find that?!

Somebody of far lower moral fiber than I (believe me, they exist) IMed it to me…

Brian Mitchell - City of Industry, CA
I recently used your services and am VERY impressed! The girl was professional and her parents were a great help too. I had a compamy picnic and was trying to impress a female coworker. I said I was watching my sister’s kid and really poured on the sensitivity. Let’s just say that last month we got engaged! Thanks RentMyDaughter!


I’d like to know a bit more about their “near-perfect” track record…

“What happened to that charming niece of yours?”

Anyway I can’t believe this is real. No way. Try to check a price, it takes you back to the page.

I thought entrapment was illegal.

That’s a good joke, actually. I like the girl who goes to proms with boys who rent her. That’s so close to child prostitution the site is bordering on being illegal, despite the parody. And it must be a parody.

Whitta… don’t tell me you actually fell for this. :roll:

Parody/hoax/viral sites like these are pretty much nothing more than creative outlets for people with off-kilter senses of humour. This one is pretty funny, too. I think there was thread here not long ago about, with a link to a Wired article about the phenomena.

I wonder if they actually make enough money off the Google ads to pay for the bandwidth.