Wumpus appears to be back

I guess Koontz’s persistent guerilla campaign against The Entity finally paid off! I’m disappointed in their easy capitulation, however. What’s next, “Users now online: Met_K”?!?!?!?

dum dum da DAA

(that was suppose to be that chilling music you hear in thrilling bits of movies… I guess it doesnt’ translate well on a forum)

Now you have me humming the music for Hunt the Wumpus. Damn you.

They never said they shut down the ability of anyone who was banned to visit the site, just to post.

On an unrelated note, look at all that crap you have going in your system tray. Do you have any CPU cycles left over for computing stuff?

Actually our colorfully socked friend has been online a number of times since his banning. Here’s a sighting from last year.

On an unrelated note, look at all that crap you have going in your system tray. Do you have any CPU cycles left over for computing stuff?

Hmm, yeah, I seem to… the pc runs snappily enough, at any rate., and it is only a 1ghz with 512mb of RAM. From right to left, here’s what’s in my system tray:

Trillian Pro
Zonealarm Pro
Dudebox for the Dell DJ (can’t imagine this chokes up much, it only allows me to automatically click on it to sort through the contents of my DJ)
Printer software (could get rid of this, probably)
The Logitech Mouse thingy, which usually isn’t there, but I’ve been having problems with my mouse lately.
Activesync for my PocketPC
A keyboard switcher, so I can switch between UK, USA and French keyboards.
The volume icon, natch.
The USB hard drive indicator

I don’t think most of those have any real impact on performance, though I could be wrong.

You are probably right about performance, but I am just anal about these things. I think it stems from playing flight sim games, which are CPU intensive. These days we probably have enough computing power to manage a lot of background tasks.

I notice that the good doctor uses Military Time.

The Son’s tray has: volume control and firewall icon. Lean and mean, like myself!

I used to obsess over stuff in the system traym but these days I just set everything to “always hide” and try not to worry about it. After all, I have gigabytes of RAM–surely I can afford to run a few background processes. I only shut stuff that stuff down when I’m rendering, any more.

Dude, Crypt, if you’re going to barf up jpg’s of your desktop, you simply must do it the Mach Five way:

Alright, you big babies (not).

I mean, where’s your Inbox bloated with emails, your Qt3 PMs declaring your posts as “fucking hilarious” (OMG quatoria SOOOO BUSTED), more Buddy numbers than you can possibly handle, an utter lack of use for My Documents (what’s the desktop for, if not to put all of your goddamn files all over it? EB visits? FUCK.txt?), kitty pics, and the obligatory WinAmp shot of how eclectic and cool your musical tastes are. Come on man, desktop shots are the new Naked Cock Reflections On Ebay Pics. Get widdit.

You killed my browser’s scroll bar.

I can’t believe that anyone told Machfive that he was hilarious.

HAHA WOOPS WHAT’S THE PREVIEW BUTTON FOR AGAIN? Feel free to shoot me in the face. Now do I ever feel the hypocrite for all my browser growsing in the past.

Those pictures are waaaay too small for my 572" monitor… I can hardly see the text.

I’m trying to work out just how that typo/miscalculation happened, nutsak, but it boggles me.

That image always raised more questions than it answered. Why does Machfive have MSN, Yahoo and Trillian running at once? Why does he have an entire chat category devoted to MSN Messenger ids he’s culled from AmIHotOrNot.com? How could a “graphical designer” like Machfive have such appalling taste in Winamp skins? Where does “Create Hidden User Account” lead - a kiddy porn site? Why would quatoria tell Machfive that that image was funny? Why would Machfive post a picture of his desktop clearly showing a warezed copy of Halo sitting there - did he think it would help his job prospects ratting out the local EBs? Why would anyone devote an Excel spreadsheet to bananas and kiwis - what sort of numbers does that crunch? Does that Tae Kwon Do folder contain a pdf diagram of Machfive’s famous, Chet-incapacitating “side suto” move? The one that would leave Chet “on the floor, clutching his throat, gurgling in pain from a crushed windpipe”? I think all of us would like to master that last maneuver.

And holy shit, is that a lost Machfive entry for the Gamerdad logo? Post it, Bub, post it!

Okay, that screen res is just fucking ludicrous.

Just take a peek at his website.

Oh great, thanks to Bill’s huge inlined image, Crypt’s post scrolls out about two feet now.