Ww2 rts


All I can say is… this is not your father’s Sudden Strike. Could be big.

Codemasters should give that engine to Battlefront.

Jesus, not another WW2 theme based game. Lets see some creativity here people. How about a game based on the Indian/American wars. I would love to jump on a horse, face painted up and kick some American butt!!!

Oh we’ll, I guess that type of theme would only cater towards a small number of gamers.


It uses a version of the Il-2 engine, and it does look fantastic. It’s a shame we have to wait until 2004 before we see it.

Those Russian KV2 tanks look great.

Is that a 2? I thought that they had longer barrels than that. I was sure that’s a KV-1…

[edit]Nope, I’m a fool, ignore me![/edit]

Yeah, isnt this the game being made by Maddox? Looks like it might rival CM… though I think this is going to be more rts oriented… i think.


I thought I saw the similarities to IL2 in the pictures. I often used the editor to set up a ground battle to fly over and enjoy the spectacle. If Oleg Maddox is doing the game you can be assured that realism will be a major factor. A real time version of Combat Mission 2. Hmmmm, someone better send him a copy of GI Combat so that he realizes the pitfalls.
On a related (Maddox) front, is anyone still playing IL2? I finally reinstalled and patched it. It’s still a titan of a game (those Stuka sirens are pretty cool :) ). Flight Combat Simulator 3 is pathetic compared to this.

I’ve gotten back into Il-2 after downloading something like 100 mb of patches on a dial up. Even before the patches it was still pretty spotless for me. Though I’ve been playing it on relaxed (easy) settings because everytime I play it on realistic I usually crash and/or lose my ammo even before the battle begins. Il-2 reminds me more of WW2 fighters than any other ww2 sim (except more detailed and in depth in Il-2). I thought WW2 fighters was pretty good, still the only ww2 flight sim with the cool P-38 lightning!


Maybe, but the ‘Forgotten Battles’ expansion for IL2 will have the mighty Brewster Buffalo. :D