WWDC 2022 - What Will (Apple) Do, Chumps ?

So today’s the day. The Worldwide Developer Conference 2022 keynote at 1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific.

My guesses:

  • They will not announce the headset
  • They will announce the Mac Pro
  • They will announce the next gen MacBook Air
  • Please, lord, let them improve the Home app this year
  • Widgets get a bit of interactivity
  • Profit. Of course. It’s Apple!

I’m hoping for a new Macbook Air, shipping today. I bought the last of the Intel Airs, right when it came out, and it has been nothing but a loud, slow, annoying thing since day one. (I swear it’s slower than the 2014 Air it replaced…)

I hope they are clear about the roadmap, and which of the big features they will devote most of the demo to aren’t going to ship in the .0 version.

I’d also like them to just say “fuck it. You can run all iPad apps on your Apple Silicon device”

Presumably they’re going to have to announce the headset earlier than they would most products just so that it can launch with some games/software. Not sure they’re going to do so now, of course.

I think they get around that by basically announcing the OS (supposedly realityOS) and a dev environment but not any of the hardware yet.

Presumably devs need a target spec at least, but, sure, I can see that. I’d still consider that announcing the headset myself.

Yeah. At a certain point, it’s just semantics as to whether or not the hardware is announced if they’ve shared the key specs (resolution, processor) but not the headset itself.

On a separate note, I’m also eager to see some watchOS improvements. I’m finally due for an upgrade from my Apple Watch Series 4 this year. I know that glucose monitoring is still a pipe dream, but I’ll happily take some software improvements. Surprise and delight me, Apple! The mask unlock last year was great. Keep them coming.

Don’t think there will be anything announced today I will care about. Ready for a new iPad Pro model, but I think that will be Fall. Interested to see what this Mac Tower that B&H Photo leaked though.

Don’t really care about macOS or iOS updates.

I’m bracing myself for a weak year of software updates due to a less than fully productive 2020 and 2021. I want to be wrong about that.

My guess is we see:

  • New design macbook air 13", still M1, higher price, with a useless notch because Apple sees that as a distinctive design cue now
  • iOS 16 preview
  • MacOS 13 preview

Maybe a sneak peek at the next mac pro, but I doubt it’ll have a ship date in the next couple of months. Possibly a new design mac mini too, as it totally doesn’t need most of the physical space now.

These things just keep getting more goofy and corny.

Craig looks like he’s had enough of recording this thing.

Focus modes are really getting some upgrades. Wish I actually used them!

Editable messages and undo send are nice additions for iMessage.

Focus mode is useless. Does anyone really use this feature for anything other than silencing notifications while sleeping or whatever?

Editing and undo in iMessage is neat, I guess.

Lock screen enhancements are nice enough. Long overdue, although I really don’t use the lock screen at all.

I don’t care about sports, but I do have an opinion on Apple News-- the subscription is (way) too expensive.

Oh god, Tracksuit Craig was… ugh.

So far, yaaaaawwwn. Craig’s jump shot form will be a meme I am sure.

John Siracusa will (maybe) finally be happy about photo sharing with his family.

Ok, the privacy stuff for abusive relationships is pretty damn cool.

WWDC is always boring unless you love OS features.

Oh, hallelujah. They will finally let me move my front door camera to the top of the Home maiin page.

So, are they basically showing us the Apple Car UI with these next gen CarPlay features?