WWDC 2022 - What Will (Apple) Do, Chumps ?

Yeah, and it looks fantastic! Of course I live in NYC and don’t own a car, but this is clearly a sizable step forward.

Pretty minimal iOS improvements overall. No mention of the mythical iPad “work like a computer” patch.

I thought Quick Note was already on iOS?

Only on iPad. Where I instantly turned it off. Gesture kept activating accidentally. Annoying as hell.

ahhh ok.

Nice to see them getting some features of a Garmin for running.

Yes, that “CarOS” sneak peak looked really good! Very much makes me wonder how much will require an Apple Car for the whole experience vs “just” iPhone driven Car Play on a supported car.

It’s potentially tricky because car vendors have proven that they don’t really know how to build a good GUI, but OTOH good physical screen design and layout are still necessary. Otherwise it just looks like an “old” car with a screen slapped here / there vs what they showed (a car with ONE integrated display for EVERYTHING across the whole dash).

We have no way to tell, of course, but the demo seemed to show all the various carplay widgets as being resizable and movable, so you may have the ability to set it up exactly how you want-- assuming car companies support that.

Ok, woke up for the medications list. I wonder what level of privacy will be used for all of this. How is the data shared (if it is shared)?

I’m sure it’ll be the same as Apple Health, so it’s all encrypted on-device.

Ah. The rare hardware announcement at WWDC. M2.

Incremental update; ~20% faster than M1. The M1 was still amazing, so that ain’t bad.

“The fact that they’re already doing the second generation” is not at all remarkable. It’s a 20% uplift after 2 years. No big deal.

Ok, my wallet is starting to sweat, hehe. My MBP 14 days may be numbered.

Fuckin’ useless notch.


And still only 2 ports. But I do like the bigger display.

A 2.7lb 13" laptop is not particularly portable in 2022. Look to the LG gram for how to do that properly. The LG Gram 14 is 2.2lbs.

“But the M2 has amazing battery life,” you may declaim! The LG gram 14 gets 14 hours of actual use surfing the web and 19 hours watching videos. Do you need more than that?

Huh. They’re keeping that weird 13” Pro without Pro or Max chip going. I guess some people just like fans.

Yeah this is what I wanted with the MBP 14 after getting the OG M1 air but the new air looks perfect. I can work with two ports. The MBP 14 is a boxy somewhat heavy thing for its size. My family will want this new Air.

Yep, active cooling seems to be the only reason to get the 13" MBP. Also it did not get a design refresh-- no notch, but hilariously enormous bezels. Comme ci, comme ça.

I wouldn’t buy that 13" MBP under any circumstances.

Still has Touch Bar

Did I hear correctly? MBA is the same price? My goodness!