WWDC 2023 - Here comes Apple's AR headset!

24 4k camera feeds, haha.

Creepy CCTV setups have never been sexier.

Only PCIe gen4. Surprising given this is going to cost as much as a used car.

Also looks like RAM and storage is not expandable. RAM I expected because it’s on-die, but I figured NVMe M.2 SSDs were possible.

If these Mac Pro performance claims aren’t BS, it’s a great indicator of the horrific performance legacy Intel’s crappy CPU design has left us with. Oh, IBM, if you’d only gone with the Motorola 68000 architecture…

$6999, lol

Still no higher-end iMac with Apple Silicon. I wonder if they just want people to buy Mac Minis for that now.

That and a nice, pricey Studio Display.

I want to lay out my western name with vertical text!

Looks like XR headset is gonna be the tail end. If only they would dig out “One more thing…” for the announce.

So I can force people with iPhones to see a dick pic when I call them? Cool!

That was exactly my reaction too, except I plan to use a pic of a man’s balls being crushed in a wooden vice that I’ve been griefing my friends with for over twenty years.

Live voicemail is a good idea.

Google thought so with the Pixel. Didn’t they?

Yeah, we call it an “answering machine” and it was great in 1992!

Pickup! Pickup, pickup, pickup!!! I know you’re there.

OMG it’s RCS!

Psych, that will never happen.

Check-in is a good feature. Smart.

I have to do wellness checks with a coworker who stays late and works alone.I think this could work for me, professionally!

“Remember iMessage Apps? No? …Nevermind.”

I was thinking that, but about stickers.