WWDC 2023 - Here comes Apple's AR headset!

You’re just not living the Stick lifestyle. Open your heart.

Oh wow, it only took them like 10 years to copy the functionality of Bump! :)

I hope that this means that huge mac-to-mac airdrop transfers won’t randomly fail anymore.

“Elisha St. Denis” sounds like a vintage 90s porn star.

Apple’s autocorrect sucks compared to Google’s on GBoard, and GBoard isn’t very good. So they have a lot of room to improve.

Ooh, Timex’s favourite part of the presentation.

Our long national typo nightmare will soon be over.

“A ducking word” was cute.

Heard that before. Every keyboard available sucks to varying degrees. Maybe Apple’s won’t be at the bottom now. We shall see.

Dictation has been very good for years, in contrast, if you have internet access.

Ah! Here’s the rumoured journaling app.

Not watching live, but 2 things:

  • The 15” MBA has a notch, otherwise I might have been tempted. My OG MBA M1 will do fine for a while yet, I guess
  • If they do remove the data port from phones, I hope there’s still a way CarPlay will work, otherwise that’s a dealbreaker

“A brand new app, coming to your ‘Apple Shit’ folder on page 12 later this year.”

Apparently “practise gratitude” is today’s buzzword.

Joy! Tons of new inbound StandBy accessories coming.

This is their passive Nest/Amazon display like thing, primarily for iPad. I certainly wouldn’t want a clock showing 24/7 on my OLED phone.

Yep. “Apple Employee Impact for this quarter: $353M sales in $40-60 magnetic iPhone stands.”

Now Siri’s going to know when we’re talking mean about her.

Actually, this looks like a decent update with stuff I can actually use.

Back to back natural language, so amazing in 2023 with LLMs. Heh.

And offline maps, which google has had since time immemorial. But, good to have.

I agree. I’ll use a lot of these features. I’m just having fun being a bit of a shitposter.

Interactive widgets in 2023. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Ahh yes, iPad is getting features they should have had last year. I honestly assumed iPad got the new lockscreen stuff and laughed out loud when I realized it wasn’t there and I’d have to wait a year.