WWDC 2023 - Here comes Apple's AR headset!

To @stusser 's point, this happened when I was setting up a new MBP 16. First AppleTV was asking to reset password, then the MBP 16, and when I reset it the first time, the MBP 16 kept asking me to make it so I can reset my AppleID with this mac, which led to another reset opportunity. I finally updated the MBP 16 to the latest MacOS version and that message went away.

I am leaning toward glitch. Also, FYI, nobody still at the Vision Pro table at my very large Apple Store on Friday.

I was worried so I checked things here. Anecdotally we don’t seem to have any issue with our Apple devices here nor Apple TV+, so like you are saying, it may be very limited.

I think you and dgallina are correct.

The list of WWDC 2024 improvements are quite interesting. Will I ditch Outlook as my email client in favor of revamped Mail? With Calendar and Reminders integration, is Things 3 in trouble on my Macs? Will Siri finally do something useful? Can I completely ditch Adobe in 2024? A standalone password app = bye 1Password? Lots of questions!

I’m mostly interested in the revamped control center (please for the love of Jebus let me put the settings app in there), the password manager (needs a Firefox addon though) and the customizable home screen more like Android.

I’m actually excited about 2024 WWDC. Bring on Siri AI.

Seems like a lot of the new iOS 18 features have been leaked though. Apple is doing a terrible job keeping things a secret lately! Hopefully there’s a few surprises left in the keynote.

Fuck me this is cheesy

Have you time travelled back to 2023?!

I was fully expecting them to say that all of that video footage was AI generated on an iphone. Maybe they’ll get there.

Well at least they have a Severance trailer / teaser (@Papageno ).

I started the 2024 thread.