WWDC 2024 - All Apple, All the Time

Watching the keynote now. Anyone else?

I’m noting all the keys.

I hope Siri finally is better than useless.

Starting with VisionOS makes sense. They just want to get it over with.

I was disappointed to Google and learn that the Natalie Portman Lady In The Lake that they showed is not based on the Raymond Chandler novel.

Still no multiple virtual displays, then, but I suppose one bigger one is almost as good

That surprised me, too. But they specially said the width and resolution would be the equivalent of two 4K displays. And I wouldn’t complain, since I use a 43” mini-LED TV as my monitor and treat it as multiple displays.

Of course I don’t own a Vision Pro

How many vision pros have been sold? The most exciting use case to me is AR stuff like the surgical training - not that I would ever use it, but I imagine it would be incredibly useful. I could see something similar being amazing when I was in my biology undergrad and learning anatomy - far better than hacking up fetal pigs.

They should sell the rip-off white jump suit.

Get ready for the revolutionary concept of putting icons wherever you want.

Apple really innovating here!

I knew this would be the reaction and justifiably so, but I’m still glad to see it show up.

Surprised about the icon tinting a bit, won’t companies who are all about their brand’s colour identities going to be pissed?

Apple revolutionising quick settings with another Android feature.

Locking an app will come in handy for idiots who hand their phones to girls at bars who then Venmo themselves thousands of dollars.

LOL. Not watching the stream, but did Apple finally relent and let you put icons anywhere?

Venmo could have done this themselves, but if this makes it easier then I’m all for it.

I wonder what apps will be typically hidden. It’s not as if Apple allows porn on the App Store.

Yes! Well, it seems so. Certainly along any edge you want.

Hey honey, why do you have your iMessage app locked?

Uh…no reason…

Ok, Satellite messaging is cool. Doesn’t appear to require a subscription.

The iMessage improvements are nice. I’ll use them all. I’m a big iMessages user. I even use the screen effects now, so the text effects are right up my alley.

Will text messaging via satellite remain a free service? If so, that’s pretty cool.