WWDC 2024 - All Apple, All the Time

Yeah, that’s more what I was thinking. Also I find Finder search pretty flaky/unhelpful in its current incarnation, which isn’t necessarily its fault (though I can’t figure out why it won’t index my NAS), but does make it useless in practice absent those very specific and exact keywords.

Pretty comprehensively leaked this year. I’ll finally be able to put settings in the control center though, I’m happy about that.

Also they didn’t screw over iPad users on the customization stuff, as was customary, making them wait a year. Appreciated Tim Apple.

Saw some confusion here. ChatGPT 4o is already free, since May. Apple is just integrating it directly. Note this isn’t “Siri being powered by ChatGPT”. It looks like the system only calls out to ChatGPT when needed and with explicit user confirmation. So if Siri still sucks, blame Apple.

This may lead to a situation where Apple devices too slow to run local models use the Apple datacenter-hosted models instead leading to a better experience. But my guess is they just won’t get those features at all.

Beyond that, another year without iPadOS being fixed to justify its ridiculously powerful hardware. It’s still just an iPad.

I like that you can finally customize the lock screen icons at the bottom. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve accidentally turned on the flashlight.

The password app looks like it could replace 1Password. It’s clearly not as full-featured but that might be fine. We’ll see how easy and accurate the import feature is. Oh and of course, what will Windows integration be like. If it sucks on Windows, I won’t use it.

The requirement for Apple Intelligence is iPhone 15 Pro. Likely due to RAM requirements (the 15 Pro has 8GB, the regular 15 and the 14 Pro only have 6GB). Guess I’ll be upgrading to 16 Pro this fall.

Were there any mentions of the leaked Apple Music enhancements? I might have missed it.

So does the password manager just generate the same axds-sdrf-sdfs-sdfd style passwords? Do those even pass muster with sites that require lower/UPPER/number/symbol?

Given all of the goodness coming in the next software update, I started to seriously looking at Apple’s built in software as potential replacements for what I currently use. The most likely candidates for replacement are Things 3 (Reminders), Goodnotes (Notes), Outlook (Mail and Calendar), and maybe, just maybe Word (Pages) and PowerPoint (Keynote). Excel will remain since Numbers can’t handle what I use Excel for (and, more importantly, how people that work with me use it).

My biggest surprises are (1) reminders has come a long way since I last used it; (2) same with Notes, although there are minor things I’ll miss with Goodnotes; (3) Mail is also improved, but the last time I used it there were Exchange365 issues so we’ll see; and (4) seems Pages has good Endnotes compatibility in 2024.

I am also thinking that the iPad Pro 13 with cell, keyboard, and pencil can replace the MBA 15 that I use in places where I need simple access to a laptop. I already was using an 11 inch iPad for note taking and if this combo works I can sell my MBA. The iPad also has the cell connection advantage that I’ve missed on occasion (when tethering is a hassle).

We’ll see. Will have two weeks to decide!

More detail on how the new Siri will work:

It does seem to be very dependent on devs implementing app intents, which is understandable but also a bit worrying. Opening Shortcuts, outside of Apple’s own stuff, I can only see a handful of apps that even have any actions at all, and really basic stuff is missing from those that do. Pocket Casts doesn’t even have a Play action. Now, to be fair, a lot of the apps I have that would be useful to have Siri integration on are on my phone, not my iPad, but not all of them.

All the AI stuff is “later this year” which makes sense. They need to get the base OSs out on their schedule.

Notes is awesome, except it isn’t cross-platform. Apple Mail is fine. Looks like Photos will be greatly enhanced in iOS 18.

Oh and all those app intents Apple is pushing? They’ll work in shortcuts too. Since Apple is pushing it, developers will oblige— Apple is known to give prime AppStore placement to apps using their latest shiny.

If the new passwords app is feature-rich including in Firefox I’ll probably end up recommending it to everybody, even people with no Apple devices. They have the resources to secure it properly and of course it’s free.

Looks to be an excellent update even if you don’t think any of the AI stuff has value. And I do.

I’ll believe when I see it, but let’s hope so.

The Apple ecosystem is different. When Apple adds new stuff apps will use it.

Intents aren’t new though. There’s more reason to implement them now, sure, but again, I’ll believe it when I see it. Not to mention, a lot of my apps are not really part of the Apple ecosystem, they’re just begrudgingly on iOS (ie Google and MS apps) and have always been gimped compared to their “native” versions, let alone other apps on iOS.

They won’t be pulled into what apple wants, true enough.

Well, except for 3D Touch.

I’ve noticed a couple of issues during my brief deep dive into the Apple ecosystem. The calendar app doesn’t allow Teams (or any virtual) meeting invites. You have to do that in the Teams app or in Outlook. Calendar also doesn’t have an “Out of Office” option for meetings (not on the Mac version, but it does on iOS and iPadOS for some odd reason). I tried to use reminders, but quickly ran back to Things 3 (reminders is too basic).

Mail works fine, although I can only use text signatures in iPadOS for some odd reason. Notes is great, no issues yet with it and Goodnotes is gone. I’m on the fence with Mail and Calendar. People have been complaining about the Mac Calendar version missing an Out of Office setting for five years now and nothing from Apple to fix it.

Edit: I will also add that I am very impressed with the iPad Pro 13 + Magic Keyboard + Apple Pencil Pro. I can see how people can use this as their only computer device, but the OS is very limited, as are most of the apps compared to their MacOS counterparts. However as a relatively small and surprisingly light weight (compared to the previous version of this combo) meeting laptop and note taker, it works pretty good. My MBA is on life support at the moment.

Edit 2: Forgot to mention that having faceid with the iPad Pro while using it as a laptop, the touch, the writing capacity, etc. is very nice and I also now understand why people are so anxious for Apple to give this combo a “real” OS.

Apple users are never out of the office! They work 24/7 and their Apple devices are their office! You’re just lazy!

That’s about the only logical explanation for this obviously missing feature, hehe.

Seriously, though, so many times with so many products from so many manufacturers, you look at stuff and think, wtf? It’s sort of the consumer’s version of the old “we can put a man on the moon but we can’t do x.”

As it turns out, Fantastical works great and has all of the functions missing from Calendar (including Teams invites). Another subscription, but I can keep using Apple Mail if I want.

I’m curious to see how this new AI stuff will work with HomePods, since they don’t meet the hardware requirements and Apple didn’t mention them in the keynote. Will there be new hardware introduced soon? Will they utilize your iPhone in the meantime, or will they be entirely cloud-based? Will you constantly be asked permission to use ChatGPT, and how annoying will that be?

I’d be surprised if the current hardware does it at all.