WWDC 2024 - All Apple, All the Time

I agree (while looking over at our ancient OG full-size HomePod on the kitchen counter). But the Apple Watch will present a much bigger AI feature gap because they are (1) everywhere and (2) will likely remain pretty constrained by the power and RAM size envelope for the foreseeable future.

I could see apple excluding the homepods as they lack the NPU and RAM to run local models, but not the apple watch.

So given that the watch will work, assumedly through “apple intelligence” running in their datacenters with those privacy assurances, I see no reason why every apple device capable of running xOS 18 couldn’t do the same thing. But nobody ever accused apple of being logical.

If you want a calendar app without the subscription that has natural language detection, try Solid Calendar.

Also, Remind Faster will do natural language with an IAP.

Niche use for the Apple Vision Pro, but it sounds like it’s pretty game changing for some disabled users.

Thanks for sharing. That’s a great article. Definitely will be passing that around at the office.

A fellow coder in my group has a related problem and needs gigantic type face to work. Despite that he is killing it. I just forwarded this to our director / lab “mom” as a not subtle hint.

Edit: My director is down for getting our coding buddy one, the thing to do now is talk to him about if he’s actually interested or not.

Confirmed, according to The Verge:

Honestly, given how most other corps are running as fast as they can into the world of janky AI, I’m completely fine with Apple taking their time and working to get it right. It’s refreshing compared to the vast amount of AI garbage out there now.

In other news, I ordered a 15" M3 MBA (24 Gb RAM and 1Tb SSD) yesterday, so I’m excited for that to arrive!

Congrats. I am having a hard time deciding whether or not I want to keep my M2 15 MBA. The one I use falls into the “lay about the house and grab when I need to do something quickly on a computer” device. My M3 Max MBP 16 is either attached to my monitor or sitting on my desk at work. I am keeping the iPad Pro 13 combo because it is perfect for meetings, writing, etc.

I thought I could use the iPad Pro combo as a more primary device, but the iPad apps are just too constrained compared to many of the MacOS equivalents (or they don’t exist on the iPad). But as a note taking, sitting in a meeting, looking at documents device it works great.

Ultimately I might trade in my MBA M2 for a refurbished M3 MBA 15 at some point.

I have a 14" M2 MBP Max for work (with 32 Gb of RAM). It’s a great machine and I like it for work tasks. I do a lot of data processing and frankly, the 32Gb is not enough a lot of the time… gimme the MBP with 512 Gb of RAM and we’d be talking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, I need more screen real estate than the 13" MBA (M1) that I currently have. It’s difficult to work on programming projects on it. I’m hoping the 15" is enough larger to address the issue. I think it should work for me.

Yeah after two or three MBP 16 M3 Max purchases and returns (and Windows machine attempts), I realized that I just needed to suck it up and get the 64 GB RAM 4TB version because I was running out of space on the 2 TB and 48 GB RAM wasn’t enough for some projects (or should say not fast enough). I didn’t want to store stuff on external SSDs and 4TBs works nicely for that. Fortunately a refurbished model was available in those specs.

Something tells me 2025 will be a BIG year for the Apple hardware refresh cycle. :slight_smile:

Which is fine. AirPods Max is overdue for a refresh, as are the HomePods. Current Apple TV is still fine but I’m sure we’ll see a “built for AI” edition.

Our AppleTVs are 5-6 years old and work great. However, what in the sam hell were they thinking by removing the Movies and TV “apps” and then adding that janky store menu to the AppleTV app. It’s really hard to find stuff now. Also, we used to look at the Trailers app all the time and now it’s almost impossible to find it.

Hey, for once the Apple way is the right way.

If you still have the Trailers app installed, it will take you straight into the trailers section of the TV app.

It does not do that for me! It just tells me to go to the store and then takes me to a generic store page.

Really? How strange! Wonder why it works for me. There’s no way I’d be able to locate the trailers section of the TV app without it. Apple hid it very, very well lol.

Was at the Apple Store today and … no Vision Pro table.

Probably moving the unit to other parts of the world now selling Vision Pro (Europe, China etc.) Sucker born every min (especially true in a globalised world).

Now I want to drive just to find out if ours still has the table. It was there a month ago and had people doing demos, so, maybe.