Wwe 2014

So, after a long hiatus (since the WCW/WWF monday night wars) I have gotten back into wrestling in a big way. Let’s discuss how awesome/not awesome WWE is here.

Also, share animated GIFs.


The year of the Yes! movement?

I don’t think you can have a year of something when it’s been going on a while. I catch it here and there but it’s still the same old muck it’s been for the last decade. Without any real competition the WWE has little reason to actually improve the product. With the exception of Danielison they seem to have taken a few steps back, bring backing the New Age Outlaws and Batatias and still falling back to Orton and Cena as their main eventers.

They need to hire better writers, the story is always the same and the faces win 90% of the time while the heels are always chickenshit scared and always have to cheat. They need to know there can be a middle ground and use the underdog story once in a while where a guy overcomes a much tougher opponent instead of always being superman strong and easily taking down two or three guys at once.

I think that is somewhat true. I do like the Wyatt family stuff going on right now. Making some interesting villains of everything.

CM Punk leaving is a huge loss, as he is probably one of the top 3 draws, and the stuff they are doing dicking around Daniel Bryan is pretty bad.

I am very excited for the launch of the WWE network, as it is going to be an insane amount of content for a decent price. I hope the WWE network will be a blueprint for the future of TV, ala carte etc.

Sums up the Royal Rumble

I think that Vince McMahon is pretty smart, and they do know what they are doing. It is difficult to figure out what their line of thinking is, but that is all part of the game. It is all an elaborate angle, and when push comes to shove, you don’t survive for 35 years without doing something right.

I’ll bet they understand that returning Batista (and his skinny jeans) was not done as well as it could have been. (Hell it was the straw that broke CM Punk’s back) They will right the ship.

Coming soon…

Honestly, I don’t blame McMahon. Sure I may hate the product but he’s been making money hand over fist for longer than I been alive and I would probably do the same thing if I were in his position. I just think ratings wouldn’t matter too much which way they go, they have a niche product with a niche audience who will watch no matter what. So they opt for the safe bet rather than take a risk that might not pay off.

Bryan needs to shave off that beard. I thought the whole beard thing died off a couple of years ago but it’s the trend that just won’t die.

JBL? Is that you?

I don’t know if “will watch it no matter what” is the case. I certainly stopped watching years ago. And a lot of the current storylines have brought me back in. I really like the stuff going on with Daniel Bryan, especially.

Fair enough, but there is definitely a core audience that will watch. Even those who complain about it over and over still continue to watch.

I like the Shield but it looks like they’re headed for a breakup and the WWE has shown they rarely ever know what to do with groups/tag-teams that they break up. I also like Wade Barrett but it seem all they’re using him for is to deliver “bad news” from a podium. I hate the beard but I’m glad Bryan is finally getting the push he deserves. He’s been well received since they hired him but they were always afraid to push him cause he doesn’t fit the prototypical look of a wrestler.

The IWC (internet wrestling community) is hard for me to get into. They hate EVERYTHING. Yet they continue to watch.

Bryan just has the instant likeability/charisma that doesn’t come along all that often.

I always thought it was weird that he wouldn’t get a push due to his look/style, there are plenty of atypical looking wrestlers that were superstars. ahem… Mick Foley… ahem.

WWE Network launched this past Monday, with a streaming app for all major platforms. There were the expected launch hiccups but after that I haven’t heard anything real negative; partnering with MLB Advanced Media who has experience with this sort of thing was a smart move. $60 for 6 months gets you some original programming, all the PPVs live, and episodes of the weekly shows 30 days after air. The big draw right now (for me at least) is the entire back catalog of all PPVs, on-demand and available now. All meaning not only WWE, but the WCW and ECW content they also own the rights to. They also have the past couple years of WWE weeklies available with plans to add more of those over time, and presumably the WCW and ECW weeklies as well. The main push for launch was to make sure the PPV content was there, and talking to a friend who has the free week trial it sounds like that’s all gone off without a hitch. I’ll probably drop the $60 closer to Wrestlemania as a casual fan who watches that event yearly; it’s a no-brainer to get the on-demand service instead of only paying for the PPV.

US only for the time being. They don’t even have a date for us - just the vague “maybe end of 2014, early 2015”.

So, the network is awesome. Both WM30 and Extreme Rules were great and without hitch.

Hold your tears.

“Connor the Crusher” tribute.

Touching that he was able to see Daniel Bryan win the title.