WWE game on PSP longest load time EVAR

This is painful but funny to watch. It’s a lesson how not to design a game.

Yakety Saks makes everything funny.

I hope some people get fired for that. Holy cow.

The only thing missing from that video is a dwindling battery power readout.

Is that game the alltime loading champ for PSP games?

I had some games on cassette for the C-64 that would load faster than that.

I had no idea that tune had a name. Thanks, man!

Hahaha, the Final Fantasy victory music was used perfectly there.

Nah, Midnight Club 3 is still worse. The longest individual load time I saw there was maybe a minute. He just chose to use the begining of career mode so it’d load 5 or 6 different things. Really, you’d only load once or twice after pulling your PSP out of suspend mode. Not that I’ll ever buy the game, I’m just not a wrestling fan.

Midnight Club 3 had minute and a half load times before and after every 2 minute race. It’s still the champ.

The Simpsons: Road Rage for the PS2 is pretty bad, proportionately speaking. Around 40 seconds to load a mission that you only had 30-50 seconds to do, and it reloaded even if you were retrying the same mission.

Amazing… simply amazing. Love the line “and to think someone at THQ said it’s ok we can ship this”.

Gripshift vs WWE - now, I’m not saying that this came from the GS dev’s, but…

How about the con for the psp. I remember trying it out at Eb and it took around a minute or so to load up each fight .

That is absolutely shocking.

Haha that gripshift one is great. I like Gripshift too its an interesting game.

Gripshift is very under-appreciated. A nice mishmash with some nice level design.

Like Gripshift, hate MC3. MC3 is the sort of game you play when you should be going to bed; falling asleep during the loads will convince you to give up and get some shuteye.

My favorite part is when it goes to a black screen for twenty seconds while it loads the loading screen.