Well, I found it amusing…


Yeah I liked it.


Whitta browses every website near and far, except for Q23.

Have you guys heard anything about the reaction to this Hot Coffee mod for Grand Theft Auto. Any thoughts?


Did you guys hear they caught the snipers.

Has anyone here tried World of Warcraft?

I don’t think smokers should be allowed in restaurants.


How comes nobody’s talking about the situation in Iraq?

Anyone playing Battlefield 2?

Anyone here seen War of the Worlds?

I heard it on the radio, it was great. Maybe they’ll make it into a movie some day!

How about this internet?

I heard it on the radio, it was great. [/quote]

Yes you have to admire Mr. Wells, not only did he write a great book, he did a great radio adaptation too. Did he also direct the moving picture version?

What are these “moving pictures” you are speaking of? Is it an offshoot of that recent “photography” invention?