Www.bmxxxx.com - What happened to Dave Mirra?

Game Informer just told me that Dave Mira XXX and DOA Beach Volleyball were leading the charge in bringing porn to the consoles… So where’s Dave Mirra on this web site?


they split.

Acclaim claims that the split was so that Mirra didn’t get mired in the issues of being one of the first M rated games that has pr0n snipets in game. so now there will be two games: the BMX XXX and a Dave Mirra BMX 3. they will both use the same engine.

personally, i think Acclaim saw the chance to make two games for about half the money and took it.

Mirra was quoted in an interview that he didn’t want to be associated with the game. It was his doing, not Acclaim’s. Mirra has kids and didn’t think it was the right thing for his fans to have his name on that game.

It was a good decision IMO.


Well, I watched the trailer for BMXXX and was sorely unimpressed. Turd in a punchbowl, if the short clip is any indication.