X-Box 360: Why I TOTALLY CARE! (there's images)

That last one is such a mess. What the heck is going on there :?

Ok, you win, I am excited too.

Great, all next gen games look like Guild Wars on crack.

Shoot me now.

with cars

If that screen isn’t from the next Forza, I couldn’t care less.

What games are in the third and fourth shots?

Oblivion and Ninteny-nine Nights

I’ve made a note in my binder.

It’s amazing how the wonders of modern technology have allowed Rare to make games that look EVEN STUPIDER.


I like the house. Work sucks. I want to go to that house now and lie down in the grass. Look up at the sky. Kill some orcs. Yeah.

Yeah, Oblivion is ultra attractive.

Jason, you forgot:

Good call! I was going to do Gears of War, but I totally forgot the other two.

Hrm. I’d forgotten about that game. That one does look sexy, but I have a weakness for giant robots. If it plays well, that’ll definitely count as a reason to buy the xbox 2.

I think 99 Knights looks pretty bad as a game though. I saw some video of it and for 70% of it you couldn’t see your character because there were so many enemies on the screen surounding her. Just because you can have 1000s of enemies doesn’t always mean you should.

Yeah, that’s the thing that will make or break it. Not sure how they’re going to do it.

That was definitely the thing about Spartan: Total Warrior. Just a floating green arrow would have done so much for it. Or a distinctively colored man-skirt. Or a flesh tone for his bravely naked torso that wasn’t exactly the same as everyone else’s naked arms and legs.

But some people like that sort of manic gameplay. It’s what has made the Dynasty Warriors games the success they’ve been. It’s just a mindless hack-n-slash and I’ll admit that it’s a lot of fun sometimes.

Yeah, but you can pick your guy out easily in Dynasty Warriors.