X-box games recommendations?

So I bought an x-box to play Kotor ( which was fantastic, btw), Now that I’m done what games should I be looking at? Genre doesn’t matter, just what games out there do you really like?

NBA Street vol. 2. Very, very fun.

Granted that you haven’t played them on other platforms yet: Sega’s NFL2K, NHL2K and NBA2K series. And Panzer Dragoon Orta happens to be a nice shooter.

Ghost Recon plus Island Thunder expansion. Awesome tactical game on PC, should be as good (with better graphics) on X-Box.

Halo, Splinter Cell, MM3, Rallisport, JSRF, MechAssualt, MCII, Burnout 2, Wolfenstein, Ghost Recon, BG:DA, Deathrow, Brute Force.

Kung Fu Chaos is a good one. I loved The Hulk.

Dave knows whats up :)

I like DOA3 as well. Its not a VF4 when it comes to fighting games, but its a fun pick and play title IMO.

Moto GP 2 is also my favorite racer this gen so far. I’d highly recommend this game. Also, PGR is an excellent arcade style racer that you can get for cheap.

Oh and Amped is a fun snowboarding game, though its difficult and more realisitc than other similiar games.

DaveC got most of the ones I would recommend, but I’d also add Project Gotham Racing, if you’re into racing games, and I’ll second Andrew’s recommendation of NBA Street v2 as well (working on my 3rd trip through the career mode). Gotham is available as a “Platinum” title for $20 now, so it’s definetly worth picking up.

I had a great deal of fun with DoA Extreme Beach Volleyball, and I don’t just mean staring at the cheesecake. :)

Need for Speed is good, altho I’ve heard it’s better on other consoles than on XBX.

Lord of the Rings is a fun game, it’s almost like Golden Axe with LotR trappings.

Sports titles rock on XBX too, since you can make tons of franchises, save tons of replays, mess around with rosters, etc and not really have to worry about the disk space.

Brute Force is crap–don’t waste your dough.

Second recommendation for NBA Street 2, and NHL 2K3.

Gotham is SO worth $20, think you can Rallisport and Halo for about the same.
Have fun! (oops)

I’d check out Amped, too. It’s tough, but it’s my favorite winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, what have you) game out there. Then again, I seem to be the only person on the planet that didn’t like SSX, so YMMV.

Street Vol. 2 is one of the best action/sports titles in the last five years hands down. Phenomenal game that has a couple blemishes but really rocks out in multiplayer. Definitely better on Xbox and Gamecube because you don’t need any extra hardware to play four player games.


This is a fun party game and the SP is pretty cool too. Hard, but cool.

Dynasty Warriors 3 is one of my very favorite PS2 games, and I hear the X-Box version is better in a number of ways. Great combo of old-school beatemup brawling and (rather simple but still there) action-RPG elements.

I’d also say NHL2K3, Baldur’s Gate:DA, Burnout 2 and Panzer Dragoon Orta, but everyone else already did.

Amped is good but realism is something that hampers a snowboarding game, in my opinion. So I say get SSX Tricky because it’s worthwhile for any console.

Oh and Ben Sones is crazy for not liking SSX. It’s just plain terrific gameplay.

Splinter Cell. Only Xbox game besides Halo that I have played all the way through.

My advice is to rent some different ones. I see some people recommended Brute Force, for example. I thought it was a total bore.

Mechassault should definitely be a rental too. It’s not that long so you can finish it in a weekend…if the lack of in-mission saves doesn’t frustrate you. Yes, a game that pretends the Xbox doesn’t have a hard drive and makes you replay the same 13 minutes of a mission over and over if you die. Bleh.

There just aren’t many great console games if you like PC-styled games, which I’d argue both KOTOR and Halo are.

There just aren’t many great console games if you like PC-styled games

Heavy sigh.

Asher, one of these days, pow!, straight to the moon!


Fear of a Console Planet?