X-Com Ironman Classic Rollcall

This thread is for discussing Ironman Xcom eXperiences. Proudly list your name below, then regale us with your adventures!

Keep your head down, smoke if you got 'em, and Don’t Get Hurt!

Mark L standing by.

Considering I haven’t played XCOM or an XCOM-alike since I was pretty young (roundabouts late '96-early '97 when I was 10-11) and that I was laughably terrible at it, there is absolutely no reason for me to play the game in this fashion aside from self-mutilation.

Then again, I was raised Catholic, so what’s a little flagellation?

Consider me in, at least until I get sick of flaming out on the second mission :)

I look forward to the quick and brutal alien takeover of Earth.

I get to watch you fine gents until the twelfth, but then I’ll be all over Classic Ironman like a cheap suit.

I’m in. If your troops don’t die in droves, it’s not Xcom.

I will be playing my first game in Classic Ironman mode. What better way to suf… I mean, learn.

This is what is going to happen for me:

  1. Start new game on Classic + Ironman
  2. Have loads of fun
  3. Get slaughtered
  4. Ragequit
  5. Reflect on how much I hate the game for precisely 12.7 minutes while glaring at my desktop background
  6. Grudgingly relaunch the game
  7. Repeat to step 1

I don’t know guys. Classic for sure, and I don’t plan to reload just because my best soldier died. But I don’t have enough faith in modern developers to give them control of my saved game. You never know what kind of bug will pop up, or misunderstood mechanics, or flubbed controls, or some other gamey bullshit that doesn’t make for a fun story in a permadeath game.

For the first game, I think my self-control will serve as Ironman mode. Plus it gives me something to look forward to for the second playthrough.

I don’t expect my first Classic Ironman game to last longer than an hour, so I don’t think I’m in any danger of losing or corrupting a savegame.

I figure my progression will be classic, classic ironman, and then impossible and we will see about impossible ironman probably not.

Classic ironman all the way.

I imagine I’ll try both pretty early.

Does this thing unlock at midnight EST or some other Godforsaken time?

Yep, midnight EST.

I will be , but not until WEDNESDAY , someone has to work the night shift. :(

Classic for sure.

Considering Ironman, but I’m not really sure I want to lose a game due to confusing/sloppy console UI (e.g. hey, I thought I was throwing a grenade over there wait why are all my guys dead).

Classic Ironman while I record my first, fumbling attempts and post to YouTube. Regular Classic after that until I either beat the game and then only play Classic Ironman going forward, or give up and recognize it’s not going to happen and roll Normal Ironman.

A story about Ironman in X-Com: UFO Defense

[spoiler]At one point, I decided I was going to customize the loadout on the Skyranger, thinking I didn’t need to bring clips for the plasma rifles. We landed outside a largish UFO, only to find that none of my soldiers primary weapons had ammo. I had one or two suits of power armor, and stun rods for everyone, along with two stun launchers. I was thinking, oh crap, how is this going to work? But Ironman is Ironman, so I played through the mission regardless. I could imagine the squaddies complaining: “What’re we going to use? Harsh language?” But quartermaster screw ups are no reason to stop X-Com, so my poor little squaddies charged out with stun rods and naught else, with the occasional stun grenade for cover. I was sure I was sending them to their deaths.

Thankfully the Skyranger landed close to the alien ship, and the aliens tricksy ways were remarkably ineffective since most of my squaddies couldn’t shoot anything, much less their comrades. A well placed stun grenade and a few lucky hits with the stunrods and I was able to bring down an alien. I only lost 3 squaddies, and once the aliens started falling, we were able to rearm in short order. It is still one of my most cherished gaming memories, and if I hadn’t been playing Ironman, I would have missed it.[/spoiler]

Oh, wait - is this thread for the new one? I’m in.

Yup , classic ironman for me as well. Seems like its the ‘preferred’ mode from the developers anyway.

If it’s like the original in that you don’t know what’s going to happen and have to play through disasters to try to keep pace and eventually outpace the aliens, I’ll be doing Ironman (when I finally buy the game after seeing how heartbroken or not you guys are three weeks or so from today).