X-COM: War of the Chosen - the QT3 game!


Things are not going super well when your sharpshooters are all taking so much damage.


Tis’ but a scratch. Someone smuggle me a bottle of wine from the bar.


And no one above Lt.! We need at least a major to open up the Chosen base assault. Which we are not prepared for and would never survive, of course.

Also, you need a Captain for a squad of 6. For those of you not familiar, you must unlock squad size through purchases and requirements. Oy vey, we need some people to survive!

@Lantz, good advice to pull out of that horrorshow mission.


The Commander looked over his strategic maps, pored over financing reports, and took in the situation.

The situation was not good.

The biggest thing to notice here is the Avatar progress bar in red at the top. Red is bad. Red creeps up on you like the timer in Eldritch Horror. In fact, this whole game is kind like Eldritch Horror in that you are fighting all over the world while improving your soldiers. The Avatar bar has progressed now to the point where it’s a few to several weeks from being complete. This ends the game. We lose.


The combination of painkillers and wine has gotten to me. I might be heard muttering, “Lower the damn difficulty before you kill us all.” This is of course ridiculous. You can’t lower the difficulty of life. It’s not some game, after all.


You can recover from the red count down bar.


What the team needed was a win. What the team needed was to strike back at the aliens, to bring the fight to them.

The resistance proved useful, verifying the identities of trusted resistance contacts all over the worlds. This gave us the ability to contact new settlements instantly instead of waiting days to make contact, fishing for a reliable source. Weeks of work turned into a few days.

Working their way south, XCOM command expended every intel resource available to make contact with a settlement near a mysterious enemy facility.

It became a top priority to assault this facility. The Commander selected a team and ordered them to destroy this facility at all costs. Withdraw was not an option.


Report to the Skyranger!


Interesting. I never considered bringing more than one medkit into a battle. Now that I’m finishing my own career in the game I’m wondering how Xcom 1 holds up. Kinda want to replay that story too.

I seem to have a missed it. What difficulty level are you playing on?


Come on troops, we can do this! Concentrate fire, watch our flanks. Keep a clear field around McMaster so he can put that Gauss Rifle to use!


The team landed and made their way to the alien facility, quietly and with the kind of tightly contained energy one might find in a pipe bomb. The importance of this mission had been made clear.

Suddenly a new Chosen appeared, the Hunter. With his alien sniper rifle he started targeting the team from afar, standing on the roof. The team was forced to rush up to the enemy. “Top Gun” opened up with his grenade launcher and tore a huge hole in the side of the wall and roof, causing the Hunter to fall to the ground, hitting hard.

A massive firefight ensued. XCOM was ripping the aliens to shreds but taking hits themselves. Inching their way toward the objective, @ineffablebob was suddenly struck by an alien bolt from the Hunter. He collapsed, instantly dead.

Lantz had seen enough. With the team providing withering fire to keep a Sectoid at bay, she rushed the Hunter. As she closed in on him, he took another shot at Corporal Howitzer that blew off part of his leg. He collapsed on the floor. Lantz screamed and charged the giant alien, leaping into the air and taking his head clean off with her blade.

McMaster grabbed Jack Howitzer and heaved him into his shoulders.

Jason McMaster carrying Jack Howitzer as Top Gun covers them.

As Lantz planted the explosives, a Sectoid that had retreated entered the room and looked directly into "Top Gun"s eyes.


I’m feeling a true hero moment coming on…


As McMaster heroicly carried his unconscious comrade to the evac point, the Sectoid maintained eye contact with the bulking heavy.

Suddenly he turned toward McMaster and Howitzer, raising his grenade launcher.


That doesn’t sound like something a hero would do…


mind control?



You know, that’s pretty much exactly how I figured things would go if I were ever in an alien invasion.


“…cough cough whatever happens… It was an honor to serve with you all…cough




Alabama Thor took the full brunt of the grenade, badly injuring him yet again.

Top Gun, under alien influence, shoots a grenade at his teammates. To the far left you can just make out Bob’s lifeless body.

Lieutenant Lantz stormed the Sectoid and slit it from head to crotch. It fell, screaming, and Top Gun was released.

The rest of the squad evacuated to the Skyranger, Lantz was the last out.

From the air, the team watched as the charges detonated and the alien facility crumbled. Mission accomplished!


Congratulations on the promotion, Captain Lantz! We can now field a full 6 man squad in the field.

RIP Bob.


::raises wine bottle::
::pours out a dram::

Un saluto al nostro compagno caduto.

::drinks deeply::