X-COM: War of the Chosen - the QT3 game!


As McMaster heroicly carried his unconscious comrade to the evac point, the Sectoid maintained eye contact with the bulking heavy.

Suddenly he turned toward McMaster and Howitzer, raising his grenade launcher.


That doesn’t sound like something a hero would do…


mind control?



You know, that’s pretty much exactly how I figured things would go if I were ever in an alien invasion.


“…cough cough whatever happens… It was an honor to serve with you all…cough




Alabama Thor took the full brunt of the grenade, badly injuring him yet again.

Top Gun, under alien influence, shoots a grenade at his teammates. To the far left you can just make out Bob’s lifeless body.

Lieutenant Lantz stormed the Sectoid and slit it from head to crotch. It fell, screaming, and Top Gun was released.

The rest of the squad evacuated to the Skyranger, Lantz was the last out.

From the air, the team watched as the charges detonated and the alien facility crumbled. Mission accomplished!


Congratulations on the promotion, Captain Lantz! We can now field a full 6 man squad in the field.

RIP Bob.


::raises wine bottle::
::pours out a dram::

Un saluto al nostro compagno caduto.

::drinks deeply::


Lantz and Djscman are now best friends.


So glad that I was immortalized in this action shot!


I promise to treat the lives of each and every one of you with the greatest respect and reverence while I am throwing you endlessly into under gunned pitched battle against our alien foes.


Whatever you say, Il Duce. :)


Time to pick some daisies for the gun barrels…


We need a Major badly! You need someone to ascend to Major to unlock the mission to kill the Chosen Assassin. She is on the last bar of retaliating and we need to invade her base to kill her once and for all!

To:. All Active Duty, Reserve, and Applicants of X-COM

From: The Commander

Title: Nominating a nickname change for Captain Lantz

Hello, and cheers to all enjoying rec time in the bar.

Please welcome me in congratulating Captain Lantz on her promotion. It is well earned, with many of our foes learning firsthand the deadliness of her blade.

However, as you all know, the casualty rate at the top of the roster has been heady. We need some long term leadership to this group, and promoting an officer to Major is at the top of our list. Getting another Captain to join her then fill her role when she is promoted is the top priority for us.

Since Captain @Lantz is at the top of the roster and her nickname is kinda generic, let’s have a vote. Each squad member gets a nomination and then we will do a general poll to the rest of the resistance. What should Captain Lantz’s nickname be?

The nominations are open.
-------------------------- Vigilo Confido----


Il Duce. It rolls off of the tongue. It just means The Leader. And it has no fascist undertones at all.


How about “Solipsist”?




I am still dead, but I would vote ‘Fusion’. Because a fusion lance might actually help you survive.


I vote “major”. Captain Major has a nice ring to it :D also bringing a major lance has that summer '18 big D energy to it.