Has anybody played the new X-COM PC game? (I don’t recall the precise title)

CGW only gave it 3/5 stars, but I’m wondering if that’s based on the pre or post patch gameplay experience.

Are you referring to UFO Aftermath, by chance? That’s not an official sequel, more of an “homage” type of game. Haven’t played it myself, but I’ve heard the game starts great, then suffers from a sameness about halfway through, relying on aliens with super weapons. The new patch solved a couple of issues, according to the fan forums, but it sounds like there are many more yet to solve.

Kind of an average title, all things considered.

There’s been quite a bit of discussion about this game.

Check here and here.

Sucks. Get silent storm instead if you do not HAVE to have aliens.

What a about a SS mod that puts aliens in it!

And since DS uses a rea-time pausable engine, can’t they make a Aftermath-type mod for it?

Realtime pausable? in what? SS is turn based, you can drop itoo RT only out of combat iirc.

It does have scifi, just not aliens. I do think there are several mods waiting for the patch before they get going, hopefully one or two get finished. Great engine.

UFO: Aftermath is OK, but dull. I stopped in the middle, felt no special motivation to continue.

Aftermath is pausable real-time.

oops wrong thread

Aftermath is pausable real-time.[/quote]

IMO ufo:a’s method was so bad it seemd more like turn based with the turns removed suddenly half way through development. It seemed like it would have worked ok with real turns. As it was… ugh.