X-Fi in a Sonata II: does the I/O drive fit?

This may sound like an odd question, but I was curious if anyone with experience with a Sonata II knows if the Soundblaster X-Fi’s front-facing I/O drive panel actually fits behind the door on the Sonata II case? You can view a pic here to get an idea of what I mean. Those volume controls stick out a bit, and I can’t tell how much clearance is required.

Actually, while I’m at it, I’ve been trying to figure out the connections on the rear of the card. I currently have an Audigy 2 ZS with Inspire T7700 7.1 speakers attached. There are four connectors for the center/subwoofer, front, side, and rear leading from the subwoofer to three connectors attached to the card itself (the grey and black from the subwoofer merge to a black on the card end). On the X-Fi, there are two fewer rear connections, so I’m trying to figure out whether my speakers would connect, although I can’t imagine them not. Is that what the adapters would be for in the package contents?

Just doing some research on future upgrades and the look of those volume controls has me thinking. Sorry if they are silly questions, but the sound system is one thing I’ve spent little time with other than hooking it up, since it doesn’t need much upgrading or tweaking over the years. :? Thanks muchly.

You actually close that door? :shock:

But seriously. Neither of the adaptors listed look like they serve that purpose. I’d recommend that you download the manual; it seems to have instructions for setting up speakers.

I’d imagine the breakout box would fit behind the door, but I’m not sure.

You actually close that door?

I used too till it broke off. The one thing I didnt like about the sonata 1 was the fact that the power button was inside the door. I like the way the case looks with the door closed but yeah its broke off now so I am not using it.

Thanks for the manual download. That clearly answers the speaker question, and it doesn’t look like there’s an issue at all with the 7.1 speaker setup I have.

As for the case, yeah, I close the door. The Sonata II door is double-hinged so it can fold back all the way flush with the side of the case if necessary, and I can’t imagine how I’d ever break it off (I’m fairly easy on my tech equipment anyway; things are like new years later). I actually like closing the door as it tends to cut down on sound from the optical drives (not that it’s loud in the first place, but the system is set up right to my immediate left on the desk).

Sooooo, more research (advice?) needed on that bit it looks. I don’t even think the X-Fi is available in Canadian stores yet, and I’m in no hurry. Just built this new system and my Audigy 2 ZS is doing fine.

The X-FI Fatal1ty FPS’s IO drive fits fine with my Sonata I case. Door closes fine.