X-Men 2: any good for Co-op on the PC?

I and an old buddy of mine play co-op PC games quite regularly, and we’re running out of ideas. We’ve played most of the current MMO’s, but we tend to prefer playing through the main campaign of a non MMO game in co-op mode. Not too many games allow this. We’ve covered Rainbow 6, SWAT4, NWN and the Infinity Engine games, Diablo2, Sacren, even Doom3 co-op. Some of the most fun I’ve had was in Deadly Dozen, a while back, although Swat4 was pretty intense.

So, I’ve been looking for something new, and haven’t come up with much. We didn’t play X-men 2: Rise of the Apocalypse when it was new, and that seems to have garnered some decent praise. It appears to be Diablo-esque. Has anyone played this? Any other suggestions?

I tried it several times, and it was just unbelievably and unplayably laggy, playing with people that I do other multiplayer stuff with (so it wasn’t likely to just be someone’s connection). Other than that, fun game, so if they patched it or if it was just me, I recommend it.

I have Legends for the Gamecube, which I think is about the greatest fucking game ever made. The split-screen coop was great, even though Jean Grey/Storm were total screen-clearing cheese.

I have Legends 2 for PC, which I think kinda sucks due to horrible control schemes (especially for the levelup interface etc). I’m tempted to just buy the damn game a second time (for the Cube) simply so the controls are decent.

As far as Coop, everything I’ve heard gels with what Orpheo wrote – apparently the lag is horrendous.

To be perfectly honest, though, the Legends games are worth playing just for the single player.

Laggy gameplay would kill it for me. That’s too bad, now we have to come up with a different game for co-op.

Might I recommend Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?

Certainly… Although I thought Chaos Theory only had co-op play on a very limited number of maps, not the whole game. Is that not true? Or, if true, is it fun enough to play co-op regardless?

Small screen and a possible lack of a second controller might make it uncomfortable to crowd around a PC to play it co-op. I suppose it might be good if you’re a media pc on an hdtv type.

X-Men 2 absolutely does NOT work for PC multiplayer. Not only is the netcode laggy, it’s the kind of game that requires your co-player to be in the same room with you. Attempting to text chat while fighting is nothing short of comical.

People still text chat in the days of Skype, Teamspeak and XBox Live?

Not even to mention the shit that comes with MSN Messenger.

Yes, some people play games when their family (SO, kids, parents, whatever co-habitates with you) are sleeping or trying to read or do work. Fitting in with the Xbox Live crowd by screaming “you’re a cockhatted assbiter” at people who frag you might not go over very well in those situations.

Just a guess.

The laggy netcode would be a killer. I don’t have to worry about text chat, since I use TeamSpeak, but laggy gameplay gets old quickly.

Speaking of X-men 2, anyone know if the xbox version plays on the 360? I didn’t see it on the backwards compatible list, but I’m hopeful that the list isn’t fully updated.

Does SC:CT support multiplayer over the Internet?


Yes it has versus and coop. The coop is damn good fun if you are lucky enough to get it working smoothly (it was pretty lagged out with tons of connection drops last I tried it). The biggest issue (aside from the Starforce garbage) is Ubi’s online service tends to be lacking and you have to sign in through there before you can play.

I used to be able to play it just fine with a friend until a certain patch number and then it was very jittery and lots of connection issues after that. It worked just as well using Hamachi and sometimes better than going through Ubi’s crappy servers to hook up in a lobby.

After that and a format I didn’t bother to reinstall because of the starforce junk, so I couldn’t say if they’ve improved any of the trouble areas since then or not. The coop is a whole lot of fun when it works though and I really hope they improve it for the next game.