X-Men 3 trailer out


Bonus link: Kelsey Grammer as Beast

If you freeze frame it near the end where Magneto and crew are walking along the bridge, you can see a shot of Juggernaut (a lot smaller than I was thinking, but it works).

I’m happy with Beast, he looks good.

I bet it’s going to suck, but not totally suck.

Looks like Ratner is following Singer’s lead pretty heavily, which is good news.


NOTHING CAN STOP THE UNSTOPPABLE JUGGERNAUT …except …this plot device thingie. ARG!

Well, I won’t lie, I’m cautiously optimistic that this movie may not suck. But man, if this trailer had come out and Singer had been at the helm (hell, even if Vaughn were still there) I would have gone crazy with excitement.

As for Juggernaut, I guess its reasonable to make him look like that. Beast looked really good and Angel looked impressive as well. And the idea of Magneto leading an army of mutants is, on a basic level, just awesome.

Beast was the best-looking of the new characters. Angel looked good too. Juggernaut, eh, he looks alright, but I’d really like to know what they’re using to restrain him there.

Trailer looks pretty good. Better than Superman Returns.

He’d be an arrogant fool not too–but the industry is full of arrogant fools who would do just that, so yeah, good news.

THIS I agree with.

Well, in Superman’s defense, the trailer was only a sneak peak preview kinda thing. I think we’ll be seeing a more buffed out teaser around christmas, or Superbowl. The jury’s still out if Ratner managed to capture the magic that Singer infused into the first two movies. I’m hoping it’s good and doesn’t suck, believe me.

One thing that kinda irked me a bit - wtf is with Storm and her “spinning” move. It’s like it was ripped out of a video game or something. :P It really looks cheesy.

Did they kill off Cyclops?

No, they show in in various flashedits of angst. He’s cranky!

I ask because I don’t see him in many shots, and I read a rumor where they kill him off. I gather he’s got a smaller part in this one.

For some reason, Cyclops is my favorite character. I know he’s bland and blah blah, but I dunno, I guess he reflects me or something.

Well, he spent the majority of the second movie kidnapped and mind controlled, so it wouldn’t be too far off. I like the character in the comics fine, but really didn’t like him in the movies. Way too bland.

I’ve always liked Cyclops myself. Loyal, trains his mind and body hard to make up for a very one-dimensional power, truly believes in his cause, etc. All around good guy, at least during the 80’s when I was reading X-Men religiously. I know it’s unfashionable to like good guys, but I did and do.

Was that a fastball special? Is Colossus even in this movie, or was someone else doing the throwing?

I liked Cyclops in the films. The scene when he and Wolverine meet up later on inside the Statue of Liberty was priceless.

Cyclops: “Wait-how do I know you’re you?”

Wolverine: “…You’re a dick.”

Funny on its own, but it was the wry smile Cyclops gave that sealed the deal.

What’s happened to Nightcrawler since the last movie?

Definitely a great X-men moment.

He’s not coming back. Apparently the actor who played him had a lot of issues while filming X2. Supposedly most of them were with Singer, so it’s wierd that he’s not returning. A shame too - he was my favorite of the new characters in that one.