X-Men Shojo Manga: Awesome, or Totally Awesome?

At least his build is closer to “brilliant geneticist” than the other Beasts.

I believe you mistyped “walking dustbunny” there.

I’m glad I voted Totally Awesome when this came up before, because that sketch vindicated the shit out of me.

Shojo? Fuck that.

There’s already a shonen if anyone’s interested.

As terrible as this seems they totally nailed their teenage girl market.

What is that, the X-Tie?

And my dislike of anime and manga continues unabated.

I like anime and manga and I consider this an abomination.

Oh my stars and–badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger…

so wrong

Hey, but Kitty is an otaku too, so it’s all good. The beast won’t be needing any characterisation, though. Maybe a quick line about how much he likes eating bamboo.

Ah, is there anything Japan can’t ruin?

I actually like Antony Johnston’s writing. But most of his stuff is far grittier than this, so he seems like an odd choice, even if it is Wolverine.


So you like comics and animation… except when they’re created by Japanese people?

Why the racism?

Anime and manga can be pretty firmly established as genres in someone’s perception without having a thing to do with who wrote them. If there’s a fault with that, it’s ignorance of what manga and anime have to offer, not racism. To anyone who sees their anime on US television and gets their manga from walking by the aisle in Barnes & Noble with the fat smelly middle-schooler on the floor that’s been reading off the shelf for hours, it’s pretty easy to come away with the conclusion that most anime is pretty similar and most manga is pretty similar.

Dude, Beast still looks ridiculous.

Oh absolutely. Did I imply otherwise?

This comic is totally worth it just for the nerd outrage it engenders.

This thread delivers.