X-Men: Wolverine's Revenge: will it suck or not?

Just picked up a free Nintendo Winter Catalog at Circuit City, and they mentioned an upcoming game called X-Men: Wolverine’s Revenge. Anybody played an advance copy? Does it look like it’s going to suck or actually be worth playing? Here’s a couple screenshots that look sorta promising:

Yeah, real promising. I had a feeling that would happen. Give me a sec and I’ll find some other shots.


So-so graphics. no blood?

There was a recent preview at IGN. They said the control needed work but that it looks great. The camera may be a problem too. Pretty much all the normal complaints about a lot of 3D action games…

Definitely a rental though at the very least. Larry Hama scripted the whole thing and it’s an original story just for the game.


I’ll hold out for a Chris Claremont Wolverine game, then.

C’mon Desslock, a Claremont game would be nothing but dialogue and unresolved plot lines… :D

They threw in a neat little ‘hyper sense’ feature to allow for a bunch of stealth and follow that man levels. This pretty much means you’ll hit a lot of dead ends cause you forgot to check for heat signatures or ‘scent trails’.