X-play new season

Loved the episode from Adams couch. Some of the writing there was really good.

Second episode was a theme episode. I had never seen what the first theme was from, so missed the concept at first. The malice review was very funny.

Matt Keil’s acting sucks.

Just look at him sitting there:

Watch it, Meister.

Segment Producers burn too, you know. :twisted:

Do you guys need a room?

He looks like a lava lamp.

Lovers first quarrel?

Looks like you blew a flux capacitor.

All the new episodes have been good, but the Reservoir Dogs bits were excellent. Adam posing in Morgan’s outfit from Maxim cracked me up as well.

[size=1]<geek>lvl 61 is way too early for hell in 1.10</geek>[/size]

Heh. Did I give away that I haven’t played Diablo 2 in years?

[size=6]Good.[/size] :P

You have some very, very scary fanboys, Keil.

Some excerpts from the XPlay forums . . .

I don’t know what the hell happened since the last time i saw the show, but the one with the gag about Adam and Morgan quitting the show was absolutely wretched. With, say, the 80’s thing, it was all still part of the show. That episode, the gag kept getting pushed to the forefront, which turned out to look extremely forced due to how blatantly not funny the skits were. It was like the writers of Unscrewed had a reletive in one of the higher ups and just wanted to see Adam do more cringeworthy stooge bits than he’s normally forced to do.

Is that one of those Alien Nine things on Morgan’s head in that last picture?

I actually thought the quiting episode was funny in its own way. Sure, the alley play at the end of the show fell flat but several of the segments with Adam were a riot. Morgan, less so but it made a point. There are still people on the g4techtv forums who think she doesn’t play games.

Morgan plays games?

that reminds me of the PBS videogame special, where some researchers at some tech oriented school (was it MIT?) showed that nearly 100% of freshmen had played video games. Wow, what an interesting study! How many people have seen a television? How about used a telephone?

Who gives a crap about the inhabitants of the G4TTV forums still think? Make fun of them during a viewer mail and be done with it.

That’s kind of the thing though: the skits were such a waste of time. HAHA great, Adam and Morgan have no appreciable life skills except for the superhuman patience it takes to follow scripts like this, and would end up destitute without the show. Given the way Adam is constantly made out to be incompetent, i never would’ve guessed in a million years that the script would have him screwing up everything else. That’s some fresh content.

I don’t mean to be too harsh (for once), but it was the most “G4-like” thing the show’s ever done. The themes usually end up being fun and i’m on board for those, but the skits are better left as a little one-shot aside than something that spans the entire show. There were some funny bits (Maxim parody, guy dropping the game while stealing it, inaccurately applied lipstick), but they all suffered from being stretched out between 20 minutes instead of 5.

OMG!!1!1! I have that very same critter here on my desk. He has only five legs…we call him “The Pentapus”.

Well, that’s enough to make me think that instead of being an anime cash-in it’s a fluffone-based alien entity preying on geeky dames.

OMG!!1!1! I have that very same critter here on my desk. He has only five legs…we call him “The Pentapus”.[/quote]

Much less scary that the Septapus.

Septapus… SEPTAPUS… Septapus…