X Rebirth


It’s very playable with a gamepad. Unsure about Steam Link though, haven’t tried it.


Steamlink works great now with a PS4 controller. Love it! Feels like I’m just playing my actual PS4.


Oh that’s very cool!


There are some extra options now, but it’s not a huge improvement. Just some options that, despite not being straight upgrades, are not something particularly creative or remarkable.


There are some 1 hour stream videos showing X4, if you want take a look.

Feels like they went back to the old X style with some of the improvements from Rebirth.


I feel like I’m progressing the campaign too fast by simply following the objectives. Right now I’m at ‘Enter Trojan ROV’ part and I’m still using mk1 Maser and Mk1 Plasma. Wasn’t able to get shield upgrade in DeVries because trader didn’t stock them?? And at no point was I told I should buy a Trojan Rov before I got to that part of the mission lol. I’m thinking of abandoning the campaign and going straight to free play if it’s going to continue like this.

edit: Figured out what the problem was, restarted campaign. Doing some missions on the side now so I can afford the better stuff.


Took down a large ship today, with lots of help from the nearby friendly station lol. I got hooked pretty hard, gotta say.

@rhamorim: any tips regarding ship loadouts? For now I’m using the mk3 combat cockpit config, mk1 weapons (repeater is my favorite, but hammer is also great), 2x mk3 Dashing shields, and mk3 Sidewinder engine. I’m not really clear on how many drones I can carry though - for example I can store 5 assassin drones, but does that mean I won’t be able to take as many of other types?


Just curious, Bateau, are you a fan of the previous X games as well, or is this the first one you’ve gotten into?


Just wait until you see proper capital ship combat. If you enjoyed BSG 2003, you’re in for a treat. ;)

So, ship layouts. It depends on your play style. Always use the higher mk you can, but between the types, focus on the one that adapts better to how you play. Just remember that boosting draws from shields, so take that into consideration.

All weapon types have their uses. Make sure you have one that is cheap on energy use. Other than that, again, their particular characteristics depend on how you play the game.

As for drones, I barely used them, and I don’t remember particulars about them right now. I remember having a couple shield drones for support and a few fighter drones mainly to provide new targets for enemies if I ever got in a tight spot. Other than that, I didn’t use them all that much.


First one. I own the entire series on Steam because a friend tried to get me into Reunion multiple times but I could never do it. I will definitely have to revisit Albion Prelude after X:R and see if I’m more open to it.


X:R has its charms, but Albion Prelude is a true classic for me. Deploying a fully armed M7M in that game is one of the single most memorable moments in gaming ever for me, and well worth the 100+ hours I played to get to that point. It’s an amazing game.


The campaign is a mess. PMC is in every sector, they’re hostile to me but I can’t really defend myself against them because it seems to decrease my relations with the neighboring stations. Decided to stop at the part where I’m supposed to hack something with the Trojan ROV, which I can’t because even if I park my ship 25km from the station and slowboat the drone all the way there the PMC patrols will still come and blow up my ship.

So I started a Free Play with the Verge Explorer start and I’m completely lost lol. Blowing up Xenon is so much fun though.


Small update - probably ‘played’ the free play for 15-20h. Some of it was spent afking/slowboating in Torrid (before I got SETA) which doesn’t have any highways. Couple random thoughts:

  1. game is massive. It cannot be overstated how big the universe feels. Zones, sectors, systems - I frequently have to consult my map just to figure out where I am.

  2. dogfighting is truly great. I haven’t played all that many space games but in those that I have I always got the impression that combat was more like jousting rather than proper dogfighting. I think the relatively low speed (250-300ms when not boosting) as well as great maneuverability provided by Sidewinder engines make for really reasonable parameters that allow you to get behind enemy ships with little effort. On the other hand, having good thruster maneuverability is essential when you get swarmed so combat isn’t too simple either. I’m playing on normal and I’m finding the challenge sufficient, but I might go up in difficulty once I upgrade my weapons to mk3.

  3. Hunting for weapon mods is very fun. I’m mostly using a Particle Repeater mk2 with a mod that extends its effective range by ~30% (through speed and projectile lifetime) as well as increase fire rate by 250% (!!). This makes it a great close combat weapon but I really have to be careful with pulsing to avoid overheating.

  4. QoL mods are essential. I installed Fly-by-InfoScan, Fly-by-subscribe (places trade agent in a station automatcally), Fly-by-looting, Fly-by-lockboxes, Secret cargo space (to avoid getting scanned by the police), Fly-by-repair (spends ship wreck items to repair fighters in your vicinity) and Improved Object Menu. Can’t imagine playing without them right now.

  5. No real purpose. Maybe I just haven’t found any yet but it seems like factions are pretty happy to go about their business. I’m thinking of installing some conquest or event driven mods but I’m having trouble figuring out which one to go with.

That’s all for now. I’m having tons of fun with the game, way more than I thought I would. I actually wanted to try out Battletech but X:R keeps pulling me back. I’m looking forward to future modding efforts as well as getting into station and empire building. In the mean time I’m looking into buying some combat capital ships so I can make easier work of tackling bigger targets - right now I can take them on with my mk3 Plasma Accelerator but it can get dicey, some are equipped with pulse lasers that rip through my shields in an instant.


I’m really glad to hear all that. Have you tried building space stations yet? That is a X loop that usually is the first step in turning the awesome up to eleven. ;)


Nope not yet. I don’t even know where to begin to be honest - for example, how to decide which type of station to build and where. I’m assuming I’d have to look at the map of natural resources or component suppliers with good prices and then go from there.

Can I build stations with templates or do I have to link subsections manually, as well as place all defenses on them?


The final part of the campaign guides the player into acquiring, deploying and managing a station. If you don’t plan to go there (and you stopped in what is indeed the worst part of the campaign - it gets vastly better later), you might have to check a wiki or videos showing the basics. The hint I can give is: location, location, location. ;)

You build them with templates, yes, and you can’t place them anywhere in a sector - you usually have a choice between many fixed spots in each sector. Instead of connecting stations with tubes like in X3, you buy the base station and you connect modules as needed. If you assign freighters and officers to the station, it will run pretty well on its own if you need.

As for defenses… you can build some defenses (turrets, etc) on the stations themselves, but you can also assign fighters to them for defense.


Are you playing with gamepad or M/K?


KBM, but I think the game plays just fine with a pad. Autoaim on weapons is pretty generous.


I played some of Rebirth, but I find those space tunnels incredibly annoying.


KBM for me is the ideal way to play the game, actually.