X-Wing / Tie-Fighter to be digitally re-released on GoG

From kotaku

It’s okay to link to that site, right?

About time.

It will be nice to finally have them playable on current systems without any tinkering.


Would. I mean, will. I mean, have already, technically, but I’m ready to again. Wait, what are we talking about?

This is super exciting!

Oh hells yes!

Also other Lucas Arts games YAY, but X-Wing!!!11!1!

Indeed. GoG will justify the price simply by having installers that work on Vista and later versions of Windows. Bonus points for working 3D acceleration.

Why so many people are seemingly compelled to type “GoG” instead of GOG.


About time.

The best part is that you don’t have to fiddle with stuff to make it work now. Here’s to hoping all the 3D stuff works correctly. If this only works in software mode, I’m going to cry a river.

Why? Your cellphone is powerful enough to play tie-fighter in 1080p in pure software mode. It wasn’t exactly graphically rich.

Because if you can get it running in 3D mode, you can crank it up to 1080p fo-rizzle. I dunno about TIE95 but the original collectors edition (no textures) scales up and looks fab at 1920x1200. But software mode in TIE95 only worked in 640x480 so it ain’t real pretty.

Oh, OK. Well if the software mode didn’t limit you to 640x480, your cellphone could handle it!

I could never understand why Lucas, and I guess now Disney, never released follow-ups to these games. Their gameplay seems like a natural fit to modern gamepads.


GOG is this:

How does the 2D cockpit art scale? Is it pixelated to hell?

So these are the gourad-shaded polygon versions, right? Not the Win95 rerelease that ported the games to the X-Wing v TIE Fighter engine? Because the latter sucked all sorts of suck. The worst part was they replaced the interactive iMuse music with straight-from-the-CD Star Wars music. Just tore the soul out of the gameplay when they did that.

See the end of the second paragraph.

Syndicate was the game that convinced me my Amiga A500 was too long in the tooth (it chugged like hell) after seeing the PC version running smoothly, but X-Wing was the game that made me pull the trigger on my first PC. A little over 20 years later, it will be good to revisit it.

Holy heck, 20 years?! sigh

Yup, 1993, same year as Privateer. Good year, that.

I have TIE95 and X-Wing 95 on disk and in my experience 3D mode does not work with my nVIDIA cards, but it does with my ATI cards. And the resolution is quite limited to 640x480 in both software and hardware accelerated modes. I have tried to hack the executables myself and have had little success in upping the resolution. I was able to get the external viewport mode to almost render correctly at 1280x720 (it did 1280x480 and had artifacts on the screen…), but it was terribly unstable, and the actual useful internal viewport would never scale at any rate, so it’s a lost cause unless the source code and 2D elements can be altered.

If the games had been updated to use the X-Wing Alliance engine then yes they could absolutely have been cranked up to 1080p “fo-rizzle” but unfortunately they just use the X-Wing vs TIE Fighter engine, and do not have that ability. I assume what you mean by them running in 1920x1200 is you using DOSBox filters to scale it. And they would certainly be stretched in widescreen unless you pillarboxed it.

I’ve heard good things about the iMUSE soundtrack of the DOS versions, but I’ve never experienced them myself, having only owned the updated Windows versions.

There are YouTube videos of the iMuse soundtrack in action

Here’s the final mission from launch.

And, holy hell, if one game ever justified buying a Gravis Ultrasound and upgrading it to 1MB of MIDI memory, this was it.