X2: The Threat rolling demo is out: uh....wow

Man does this game look gorgeous. I wish they had released an actual demo, but for a free-form game like this that might be difficult. Anyways it’s available at www.fileplanet.com www.3dgamers.com and probably other places

The name of this game is kinda porno…

X² - the Khaak Threat by EgoSoft



Pretty movie. I liked X:BTF, but it ran like a dog on the (admittedly not top of the line) system I had at the time. Also, those hostile alien ships bear a strong resemblence to the alien ships on Wing Commander:Prophecy, and for that matter to some ships on B5.

Dayum, WOW is right. I cannot wait for this one if this movie is any indication. I loved the original.

the graphics were really good but my Radeon 9500 chokes when I do both shadows and bump mapping. A little disappointing but still a must buy

A playable demo is said to be available in early October.

Seems like there’s a little bit of a concern over on the official boards about the framerates as well. I like it when a game has some future-proofing in it, but I’m still a little down that the card I just got a little while ago is struggling (of course, I might just switch back to NVIDIA anyway for other reasons… maybe I can save up the scratch - aka peddle myself on a New York street corner - for a new 5900).

It looks interesting, but the framerates were really, really terrible. I only tried it with shadows on, but on a P4 3.2, with a Radeon 9800 Pro, it was frequently going down to 8-9 fps.

The interesting thing on the official boards is looking at people’s overall average framerate to the framerates for individual sections. Even high end cards frequently get the extremes (70fps for one section, 12fps for the next) to produce a decent average. That’s my biggest concern, the fps aren’t consistently average, it’s either very high or very low depending on the particular moment. With everything turned on, it is one damn good looking quasi slide show.

Pretty. But is there a game there?
And can you blow up a Shadow Depository in glorious 3d?

Actually the demo seemed really spotty to me. Sure, some of the ship models looked nice. But there were places where the ship movement dynamics seemed just wrong, and the lack of antialiasing made all the engine objects look ugly and out of place (they said explicitly not to use antialiasing.)

I assume this is by the X The Unknown (I think that’s the name, that German space game that came out a couple of years ago) developers. I hope the basic game dynamics have been completely revamped.

I really wanted to like that game (X or whatever), but I couldn’t even bear to play it for more than a few minutes. It just took too long to do things like dock or navigate in local space around a station. This is not even acceptable in a MMOG which tries to have built-in time-sinks like Earth & Beyond much less in a single player space game. I don’t want to screw around adjusting my rotation to dock, and I don’t want to s l o w l y cruise between insystem waypoints. In 500 years or whenever you’d think they’d have figured out how to autodock… And I sure don’t want to have to eyeball major landmarks like stations and facilities that are just specks at long range to guess what they are, they should all be broadcasting IDs and anyway be in my ship’s computers so I can just warp between them quickly when there are no enemies nearby.

Give me long-range no-time-wasted autodocking, high quality “radar” displays, “warp” acceleration to make long insystem runs elapse in seconds, not minutes, and no-time-wasted intersystem hyperjumps, or I’m not going to even bother with the game.

I think they did address having to eyeball stuff and a few of your other complaints.

I agree with the spottiness of it as well. Watching it a few times leaves me to think that individual aspects of the graphics look awesome, but somethings still look a little weird that might lead me to believe the flight engine isn’t all that great yet.

The demo is very cool. However, their shadow implementation is hella expensive – turn off shadows and everything runs great, shadows on and POW stutter city.


Bah, how wimpy. REAL men learned to dock manually in Elite, and still do it today in Jumpgate. Autodocking is for wussies. :)

Bah, how wimpy. REAL men learned to dock manually in Elite, and still do it today in Jumpgate. Autodocking is for wussies. :)[/quote]
Oh man, docking in Elite was a bitch. I remember the sheer elation I felt when I could finally afford to buy auto-docking for my ship.

I only tried it with shadows on, but on a P4 3.2, with a Radeon 9800 Pro, it was frequently going down to 8-9 fps.

It’s the shadows. Turn of the shadows and you will a huge FPS improvement - I get like 50fps average (rarely going below 20 in the most intense combat scenes) with my 9700 and shadows off at 1280x960 res.

Autodocking in elite was one of my first purchases. There was nothing worse than fighting off a fleet of Thargoids, only to reach the safety of the space station and crash because my hands were too sweaty to dock.

How about the space docking in Ultima 1? CRUNCH!

Heheh… Elite. I used to sell off my laser for a cargo scoop, then go ram enemy ships for their cargo. We don’t need no stinking lasers! It was tricky, they’d be trying to dodge and fly away, so you had to correct your course as soon as they did or you’d lose ground.

I agree that autodock was a crutch. If you can’t fly in and match rotation, you’re just not a real pretend spaceship pilot. It was nice to have when things got hairy, though.

Am I the only one who was surprised to discover that this wasn’t an X-Men game?