X2 The Threat v1.3 patch released

EDIT: Added v1.3 patch details to bottom of this thread.

The X2 The Threat v1.1 patch has been released. Here are the fixes :

Patch 1.1 Feature list:

  • Improved multi monitor support: Graphic cards with more than one monitor connected can open special resolutions which are two or three screens wide. These modes now show all menus on one monitor and allow configuring a second or third monitor to be used either for a wide angle view or for minimonitors. Such modes include 1+1 (secondary screen shows a “large” minimonitor), 1+4 (secondary screen has four minimonitors), 1+1+1, 1+1+4

To get access to mulitmonitor modes you can use a dual or tripple head graphic cards or turn on the “horizontal span” in the NVidia NView tool.

  • Added support for EAX (activate at startup)
  • Re-adjusted fighting AI: Ships fighting in remote sectors
  • Added slider to input settings for Joystick sensitivity
  • Improved quality of audio streaming
  • Improved loading speed of new sectors
  • Added technical details screen about ships when buying a new ship from a yard (open with “i” or “u”)
  • Added various tips to help unexperienced players during the plot missions


  • FIXED: Support for some joysticks did not work.
  • FIXED: Crash in sectors with a distant laser tower (E.g Ore Belt)
  • FIXED: Memory Leak when leaving cockpit view could cause slow down of the game and huge savegames
  • FIXED: Possible hang of game in sectors with more than 40 free floating ware containers
  • FIXED: Possible hang of game cause by NPC trading.


  • FIXED: Wrong percentage display for fight ranking in player menu.
  • FIXED: Command Console for Fighter Drones.
  • Launching from docking platform should work better when using Joystick with throttle control.
  • Mouse hold feature deactivated for higher rotation speeds
  • Improved trading scripts for NPCs
  • FIXED: Under certain circumstances a second ship could not be controlled in a minimonitor.
  • Hit counters are now correctly increased for wide area and lightning weapons
  • Subtitles are now synchronous with speech.
  • FIXED: Some few NPC powerplants did not produce energy.
  • Changed behaviour of fights in non active sectors (sectors where the player is not currently in)
  • Changed price variations for many products slightly.
  • Changed the default configuration of S/M/L variations of ships sold in yards.
  • FIXED: Infomenu for astronaut called from property menu was incorrect.
  • FIXED: Racecondition in rare situation when entering a sector caused corrupted sector ships.
  • Changed behaviour of monitor activation. Now F4 does not turn off a running command automatically. To get manual control of such a ship you will now have to press “u” to turn off the command first.
  • FIXED: Incorrect handling of installed upgrades when taking over a ship.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the sector music was played incorrectly.
  • Changed: Building a station is now also possible from a TL ship freight menu.
  • Added an additional message before ejecting from a ship and before quitting the game.


  • The first time you load an old 1.0 savegame with 1.1 the savegame will have to be converted. This can take several minutes. This is only a one time effect. Save again and the loading time will be normal again.
  • There are several versions of patch 1.1 . To download it from our website you have to register using the online registration key of your product. This will make sure you always get the right version of the patch.

I guess there’s no direct linkage possible - you have to visit the sticky thread in the Technical Support forum for the link, and since you have to have a registered account with Egosoft including CD key in order to access said forum…

This threw me for a loop though:

[…]note that Egosoft does not allow distribution of this patch, except for your own personal use.

I don’t recall ever seeing such a rider with any other patch I’ve had to download.

Looks like a step in the right direction. I’ll try it out inbetween Jumpgate sessions. ;)

Here’s the link - http://www.egosoft.com/x/xmain_gen.php?display=registered

You need to be registered online with your serial number of course.

It was a painless download and the patch is customised according to which country you are from. My patch was about 12.5 MB’s.

OK, I’ve seen you guys talk about this game alot. What the hell is it exactly?

21st century version of Elite - better graphics, semi-wacky interface (in the distant future, there will be no mouse cursors!) You can even satisfy your capitalistic tendencies by buying your own fleet of transports and factories and setting up a cartel of sorts.

A space trading game similar to the original Elite.

Your objective is to make money by trading or combat and complete missions in the story arc. You don’t have to play the missions and can simply wander off into the wider universe and make a name for yourself.

X2’s universe is fully fleshed out and you can build your own factories, bases, mining stations, position spy satellites, trade, corner the market in certain goods, hire ships for towing duties, and more. There are a huge number of ships and upgrades available to buy and the universe itself is huge.

You can even leave your ship and spacewalk over to another ship and enter it. You can fly into massive space stations and dock for trading etc.

It’s a lot of fun but you have to be willing to invest a fair amount of time to play it and work your way up.

Can you play as Wolverine?

Just as a frame of reference, I love this game. Bruce Geryk hates it. Take from that what you will.


oh, that sounds pretty cool.

And Tom, when I first saw the thread titles I thought it WAS a XMEN game.

We need a Chick VS. Geryk article for X2. :wink:

Multi-monitor support? SWEET. This just moved to the top of the “to install” pile. :-)

I REALLY need to buy a 2nd monitor !!

Example: Wide stretch to 3 monitors

Example: 1 plus 4 mode on two monitors

Example: 1 plus 1 plus 4 mode on three monitors

holy shit thats awesome. I’mma buy this game.

I wonder what kind of hardware you’d need to get a decent framerate with that sort of layout.

Some additional comments from the X2 devs :

Hello everybody,

first please accept my appology for the delay of patch 1.1. We wanted to release it already last weekend but were delayed by a couple of unforseen problems (mainly copyprotection stuff).

An important note about old savegames: Please be aware that when loading a 1.0 savegame for the first time it can take REALLY long. Please be patient. Once saved with 1.1 the file will load much faster plus it will be smaller.

About performance: Of course version 1.1 should never be slower than 1.0. If one or two people report this it is probably a temporary side effect of some one time events going on in the game immediately after loading. The overall performance should be improved somewhere between a little to a lot depending on where your bottleneck was.

More general note about performance: There are many possible bottlenecks. And even if people post their system specs sometimes there are still big differences in performace. Some because of weird software problems, sometimes because of memory management, sometimes because of BIOS settings, sometimes because of driver settings (e.g AA turned on on driver level without people knowing!), and so on. We have put together a long list of tipps on how to improve performance and all I can say is that it should generally be possible to play the game beween OK and perfect on every system above minumum specs. Its just a matter of which settings you can turn on. LowEnd systems will of course have to turn off advanced graphic features.

I suppose most of you already saw the featurelist of patch 1.1 under http://www.egosoft.com/x2/info/patch11info
It’s not complete but should have most of the bigger things.

Last but not least a note about the way the download happens: Forcing people to register their copy has many advantages for you as well as for us. Some people were discussing that we do this only to force you to register and give your email addresses. Of course thats not true. Your email address is of no value to us if you turn off the two “tick boxes” that allow us to email you about updates and XNews. Reasons FOR this way of downloading are:

  • We can make sure that each customer always gets the correct version of the patch. Now already there are two version but very soon we will have a really huge amount of different patch versions. The registration keys allow us to always offer only those patches you really need.

  • The registration key system allows us to build up a couple of other cool services in the future. It started with this download section and the support forum but we have a few things in mind which are really cool and not possible unless we can uniquely identify each player.

  • Yes fighting piracy is an argument for this method too. Not the main one though.

Thanks for listening…


The multi-monitor stuff definitely looks sweet. But as a caveat, there’s rumblings that it only works on Nvidia cards, and not on ATI’s. Who knows if that’ll be changed in the future or not–the very fact that the game opens up with an “Nvidia, the way it’s meant to be played!” splash screen might render that dubious.

Now if they’d drop the secrecy act about how to get at the AI scripting language that’s allegedly in the game, things would really look up.

People are saying the new patch has improved performance quite a bit, which I can’t personally speak to you yet. Damnable work cutting into gaming time.

I ran the patch up tonight. I have noticed a very good performance improvement. They have also fine tuned the Automatic Detail mode so that I am getting a lot more textures, detail, and bump maps showing on objects now.

It’s also nice to have the speech properly lip-sync’d in cutscenes now too. :) They also don’t stutter like before.

So far so good. :roll:

Time to crank the game up again tonight, sounds like. :)

You’d be surprised. The game can chug, but that seems to be due to the ai doing it’s thing in 100+ (150+?) sectors all at once, even if you arent there. So it runs smooth for most people with little ‘stutters’ when the AI gets too busy. Cranking the resolution doesnt hurt my framerate, and using 4 mini monitors at once doesnt hurt my framerate hardly at all. The patch may help the AI slowdowns though since I think it now abstracts the fights a bit more when they arent in your sector.

I read the nvidia only multi monitor thing has something to do with ATIs single card multi monitor support being ‘fake’ and mainly for the desktop, while nvidias doesnt care if you want it to behave like one big monitor.

So I applied the patch today, fired up the game, and the voice is totally gone. Bleh. Anyone manage to fix this problem on their setup?