X3 - 'Meh'

In my opinion this series is simply a slightly prettier and slightly less absurd version of whatever Dr. Smart is putting out. It’s toobad really.

Really? They’re a long way apart unless you generically mean a “casual-unfriendly space sim”. Smart’s stuff is always combat-centric and the X series is much more Empire-building along with much better production values. Or is that distinction only useful for space sim nerds? :)

Yeah, well what’s the progress on Buickteer?

Announced back in March, yet here you are criticizing other games in the genre.

Also, that is like comparing a box of Super Sugar Smacks to, well, a box.

Anyone have any idea when this is going to start appearing in the US and Canada? Supposed to be pretty quick isn’t it?

I made the huge mistake of buying X2 before reading feedback about it. And X3, it’s not even worth my time if someone gave it for free :). Seriously, what did you expect from a several-man team who devoted most of their time to graphics?

Ya, because games made by small indepedent teams suck, right Igor?

where the fuck is the gentle touching when we need it, Entity?

You’ve a nice way of reading between lines… if usually games with that level of graphics are made with a team of dozens of people, then what do you think happens when a team of <10 achieves the same kind of thing? Here’s a hint, look at the opportunity cost graph…

But hey, if you want to think pessimistically, be my guest.

Buickteer has been delayed because I kicked over a coke machine and it fell on the build PC.

Yeah…that’s about what I was thinking.


There are so many keys and menus to remember in X2 that I felt like I was playing Falcon 5.0. I kept searching for the lens cap cover hotkey.

Buickteer has been delayed because I kicked over a coke machine and it fell on the build PC.[/quote]

… you beat up a coke machine?

A coke machine once bit my sister

Coke machines are the new race in WoW.

SLIGHTLY??? Have you seen the latest version of UC/BCS? yuck!

That’s really doing the series down. It’s quite an immersive experience, once they get it balanced and working properly, and no, that’s not ideal for paying customers. I think a lot of people start the game and get dumped into something they (quite rightly) find completely overwhelming, whereas I’ve found it’s best just to relax and take your time exploring, and seeing how things work. It’s like an MMORPG, but without a global chat channel into which you can yell “WHR 2 FIND KARK SPAWNS PLZ?”. It badly needs to have a decent tutorial added, even if it’s just a bunch of standalone pocket universes that illustrate how the various game systems work, in a safe and limited environment. That this game is a sequel, and not an expansion pack for X2 is both a marketing conceit, and probably also a precious few extra months dev time, which still wasn’t nearly enough for how much they ended up changing.

As a little clockwork universe you can interact with, it’s a lot more advanced than any of the very sparse competion. The storylines aren’t great, but they’re not where you’re expected to spend most of your time.

It’s a good thing that someone is making games like this, because it certainly isn’t the US or UK.

Holy crap. There is absolutely no way that a game should be shipped in a state where large-scale things like these are needed in a patch. :shock:

Thats a real shame. I have been waiting for a good ELITE replacement almost as long as I have been waiting for a good Starflight replacement. SR2 seems to be the later.

Ill still buy X3 and see for myself. But the poo-poo reviews on this thread doesnt fill me with hope.

If you are playing this game for the plot or cutscenes, you are playing the wrong game. Honestly, I know the cutscenes are crap and should be better in a retail game, but I don’t care.

Don’t let them put you off. I’ve been playing it for a few days now and it’s growing on me. The missing hyped elements are a pity, and I do think that too much work has gone into graphics and too little into invisible areas. I expect some features will be patched in later but it still has solid gameplay at it’s heart.

I’m getting reasonable performance on a 2800+ and 6600gt 256mb.


Holy crap. There is absolutely no way that a game should be shipped in a state where large-scale things like these are needed in a patch. :shock:[/quote]

Well, at least they’re working really hard on it. <shrug> I’ll wait until the big Nov. patch to start playing. I do have to admit - it seems publishers/developers would be much better served by spending more time polishing and getting great review scores - as opposed to shipping a game early to garner sales and fixing it later… in the midst of poorer reviews.

Only two reviews as I write…an 8 at Boomtown and a 9 at GameZone (or was it the other way around?), so these reviews either miss the mark or the reviewers didn’t obsess over things like the mobile mining…we’ll see when the bigger US reviews come in.