X360 - Best Launch EVER!

In other words, I finally got one.

Turns out my local Wal-Mart had one in the back that half the salespeople didn’t even know about, so I stuck to the stock boy like glue until he went and fetched it for me. Lots of people were glaring at me as I was rung up, so I decided to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible and pick up whatever games and accessories I needed later.

Stopped off at Best Buy on the way home for a wireless adapter and a game. I stand by what I said about the launch line-up; if anything, it came into even clearer focus what a poor selection it is as I stared at all the games and realized there’s virtually NOTHING I really want right now. But there is PGR3, which seemed like an extremely safe bet since I liked the previous two, so I got that.

For all my bitching about the X360, I must say it is a thing of beauty once you get it hooked up. I was fiddling around with it for about three hours, doing various silly things, before I even got around to actually putting a game in. I have:

  • Set it up to stream media wirelessly from my main PC - surprisingly easy to do.

  • Plugged my iPod into it and fiddled with the playlists and visualizer. Again, it seems almost baffling how intuitive and easy this all is. I had a minor problem with AAC files not playing that I had to go online to resolve; turns out I just needed to download a small file from the Marketplace, and that fixed it right up. My room-mate (who is not very tech-savvy) was freaking out when I plugged in her iPod and her name and playlists flashed up on the screen in HD.

  • Downloaded a bunch of demos and other stuff from Marketplace. I’m impressed with the amount of stuff they have up there. With all those demos and what seems to be the beginnings of editorial content, I’m wondering if this is yet another bad day for print. Marketplace seems like it could easily evolve into a fully-fledged, online multimedia magazine. I’m wondering if, in a few years, we won’t see Official Xbox Magazine basically ported over to an online edition delivered via Live, with the print version marginalized or gone altogether.

  • Added a bunch of QT3ers to my friends list, and quickly received voice messages from some of them going “Holy shit Whitta, you got one?!!?!”

  • Downloaded the free trial version of some Arcade stuff, all of which looks great. I’ll start figuring out what I actually want after I buy some points. I think Gauntlet and Geometry Wars are shoe-ins.

  • Played a DVD, and was surprised at the good quality of the progressive scan playback. Easily as good as my dedicated JVC player. I also love how you can overlay the dashboard while the movie is running, although I suspect sometimes I’ll leave myself logged out of Live so the movie isn’t interrupted by friend requests and game invites.

  • Haven’t tried any backcom stuff yet… not quite ready to open that can of worms. If Burnout 3 doesn’t work, I’ll be pissed.

  • Played a little PGR3, which looks absolutely STUNNING in HD.

Anyway, for the record: I still think the launch is fucked-up, and I still think the backcom is a mess. But this is a beautifully conceived and engineered piece of hardware, and I honestly think that 360 Live is one of the most interesting/exciting/awesome things to happen to gaming since I came into the industry 17 years ago.*

My gamertag is Whitta - friend requests welcome.


  • I don’t mean that me coming into the industry was an awesome event in the history of gaming - although clearly it was - just that it’s been a long while.[/size]

Let me be the first to say…

Fuck you.

  1. Oh thank god. Now if only Dave Long could get one…
  2. Be honest - were you actually looking for one when you got it? You said you were done searching, so how’d you find out that Walmart had one in the storeroom?

Great! I’ll get one as soon as it’s $149 or less and has games I actually want to play! :lol:

I knew it. I knew that you would buy one at the first chance you had.

I also echo jeffd’s comment of “oh thank god.”

Enjoy, Mr. Whitta.


What will the Xboxless do without our leader?

Whitta is doing a 180 on the 360.

– Xaroc

I agree, fuck you Gary :(


Okay I’ll admit it, it seems I had a tiny bit of juice left in the tank. There is still no way I was ever going to stand in line, but after reading the recent threads about Wal-Marts apparently getting restocked, I called my local one and they said “No, we’re all sold out… hold on… what’s that…? We’ve got one left? Apparently we’ve got one left. Premium or Core? What do you mean? Hold on… apparently it’s in a white box.”

So after a few minutes of deciding whether I could deal with the disappointment of driving down there only to find that they’d sold it, I decided to take the risk. When I got there they still had it, although they initially denied ever telling me they had one left in stock, so it took a few nerve-wracking minutes before someone who actually knew what they were doing dug it out from the stockroom.

I see by my Messenger list that you’ve got a friend request in for me. I’ll accept it when I get home.

Congrats on flinally getting one. We’ll play some Gauntlet or something, until you get caught up buying some cars in PGR3. :)

Help me deprive this man of the fun you could be having:

Yeah, yeah. We all know you are holding out for more Sailor Moon games.

Congrats! I’ll add you to my buddy list tonight.

(And my own personal gloat… ranked #7 for backgammon right now, woot)

Whitta, can I be your friend?

I’ll bring beer!

Did you get the free little remote? Are they still including them in the box? My X360 is out for delivery according to ups tracking right now (toysrus.com/amazon). I should have it tonight and NO thanks to gamestop where I’m probably still #7 on the preorder list.

good deal Gary. I’ll play some pgr3 with you later

Damnit I was all ready to just put the 360 out of my mind until I could just waltz into a store and buy one without calling. Must… resist… I just bought Burnout 3 too heh.

Yes I did. But I don’t know if the Premium pack I got was one left over from the first shipment or a more recent one. It seems like the second shipment that Costco had still had them, at least. Will be interesting to see if this weekend’s Best Buy shipment has them.

By the way, wtf is Windows Live? How do I get a slick-looking Messenger like that?

Whitta the fact that you, the king of NSFW, are parading around in live with a little sweet pseudo panda avatar is just mind boggling. :)