X360 launch game Whitta-cisms

Tom, do you enjoy any of the 360 stuff other than Kameo? (Including the live arcade stuff if you’ve tried it, although I guess you’d be a freakish game player indeed if you hadn’t enjoyed Zuma, Gauntlet, or Joust at some point, to say the least.)

(Err… because it seems like it’s needed, no snark intended. Just wondering if you feel there’s any other good games on the 360 aside from Kameo which I get the feeling you feel is actually a worthwhile thing to do with the 360 if you have one, rather than everything else which I get the feeling makes you want to go back to the PS2/GC/XBox/PC/Boardgame shelf.)

I’m not trying to be evasive, but I do “enjoy” plenty of stuff on the 360. PGR3 and NFS have their charm. Call of Duty 2 is great regardless of platform (I prefer it on the PC). PDZ is a sometimes serviceable hi-res stab at what made Timesplitters great. And, sure, some of the Live Arcade stuff is pretty cool, even though that’s not the sort of thing I want to use a 360 for.

However, with the exception of Kameo, I think the games available on the 360 are all pretty disappointing. I truly believe that those of you without 360s aren’t missing much.


Has anyone played GUN? Seems like it’s had a mediocre reception, but Vederman keeps telling me it’s the shit, so I picked up PC and X360 versions to play and compare.

I had an opportunity to play the PC version of GUN for a while.


  • bullet time
  • headshots
  • can shoot the guns out of people’s hands
  • can scalp people
  • Indians initially portrayed with a high degree of political incorrectness
  • the pistols fucking rock
  • a hooker dies gruesomely in a plot cutscene


  • linear
  • small, mostly dead gameworld
  • extremely limited replayability
  • runs and looks like crap (on a shitty machine)
  • scalping doesn’t seem to have much actual effect
  • there was this one really bitchy mission
  • Indians later become wise and noble allies against the white archvillain

I played it for a few hours and now I’m done. There’s enjoyment to be had in it for sure, but it’s pretty finite.

Edit: Removed explanation for edit. MYSTERIOUS.

So you did once?[/quote]

“No, dude! I didn’t actually shit my pants, I literally shit my pants!”

And while I didn’t perform any chogglepantsings, I did give the 360 a Cleveland steamer; right in the valley, heh.