X360 Multiplayer game tonight

I will have some time to play tonight on LIVE. I’m wondering if anyone else wants to play any multiplayer games. If we can get a good Qt3 game going, that’d be great. I know some are at E3, but whoever is around, feel free to PM me or respond here, or just jump online. Versus, co-op, whatever. I’m ELGUAPODC. If I don’t recognize you, even if you are on my friend’s list, don’t worry. Sometimes user names on LIVE are differnt than here.

I have:

  • GRAW (co-op is always great, but I’ve been playing some fun versus as well)
  • The Outfit (a big battle might be fun, there was a new map released as well. Or co-op.)
  • Call of Duty 2 (two new maps released last week, plus they revamped multiplayer options and connections work pretty well now. You can also make private games)
  • Halo 2 . . . might be fun. It works on LIVE, at least.
  • Crimson Skies, same
  • Mechassault . . . just got this, it’s only Xbox compatible, but who knows, just throwing it out there.
  • Ummm, Marble Madness?

Basically, I don’t want to join a random server with kids and Clints.

I’d even buy something on the way home, if I’m missing anything really fun.

Don’t think I’m going to be around tonight, I’ll be heading out to check out a friend’s band.

I’ll (fulci zombi) likely be around, I have GRAW, DOA, Burnout, and a bunch of arcade stuff. (got an invite last night for uno but didnt buy it fast enough… schmidt i think invited, sorry schmidt!)

I didnt go far in SP GRAW and havent played it since oblivion came out, so I’ll be rusty as hell, but I’m not a total spaz or asshole, so send an invite if you are playing that and one short. I’d be up for gauntlet or whatever though as well.

edit- oh, but i’m on the west coast, so I wont even be home and done dog walking until like 9:30 EST.

I have GRAW, but I’m an absolute newb at the multiplayer.

Ok Moore, will do. Also, if your LIVE name is a lot different than here, might be helpful to post it in this thread as well.

Edit: And don’t worry about being not experienced at the game. The point is to have fun and blow off steam after a long week and such, not show how l33t you are.

No, no, no.

Uno, guys - UNO.

But I have DoA, GRAW, PDZ, PGR3, and most Live Arcade titles.

Live name is Achernar Dni. If I’m available, it’s usually later in the evening on Fridays (like 10pm CT).

I might be up for some Uno. Yeah I bought it. So what?

But seriously, depending when I get off of work (any time between 10pm to 1am EST, depending on workload), I’ll look around to see if anyone’s still playing. I’ve got GRAW, Perfect Dark, and Project Gotham for Live gaming on the 360 (and really, I wouldn’t mind Marble Madness or even Uno), and I’d be up for some Halo 2 as well.

Edit: Oh yeah, I’ve got DOA too, forgot about that. And sorry you didn’t get in Moore, I was just throwing out invites at random, I didn’t really think anyone else would’ve actually bought Uno. It’s a nice change of pace though, a good relaxing kind of game. Except I still ran into a guy who would’ve made a sailor blush as bemoaned his luck: “Fuck, fuck FUUCK, NOT ANOTHER DRAW FO–OH FUCK YOU BITCHES CUT THAT SHIT OUT. Fuck.”

Yeah, I was playing the motoGP demo and saw the invite too late.

Then I was all ‘ahaha UNO? thats fucking dumb’ Then I thought about it, grabbed the demo, saw it was shockingly well done and bought it.

I’d be down for UNO as well if GRAW doesnt happen, I’ve had a hellish workweek and need to relax.

Seeing all the e3 fuckers on the train didnt help much either, considering I have always been able to get in until this year.

UNO, my droogs, ROCKS.

I played the demo and bought it the instant my freebie ended.

I’m racking up UNOchievements like no tomorrow.

I’m always up for it, so if you see me online and you want to get your ass handed to you, Draw 4-stylie, toss me an invite.

I picked up UNO last night and couldn’t find a multiplayer game. I was napping and missed the chance to join in later last night.

Sounds like a great idea. While I have GRAW and Call of Duty 2, I’m going to also stress that I’m a newbie at both.

Oblivion has been taking up most of my free gaming time. And should Bethesda receive a “UNO” add-on pack for Oblivion, apparently I’ll never see the light of day…

I won’t be around until late, (9-10ish PST,) but I’d love to jump in any game that’s going on.

I’ll be around. I’ll pick up Uno, and I also have most of the arcade games (all but the card games, billiards, gauntlet, and robotron) as well as PGR3, Outfit, PDZ, and Burnout Revenge.

Some Burnout Revenge would be cool.

gamertag: tenjackten

I do also have pgr3, but totally totally suck. It’s in a bag of about 30 games I plan to go trade for peanuts, but I dig it out and give it a shot every once and awhile. I’m on the fence as to whether I should keep it in the bag whenever I finally go to trade them in.

So I guess I’d give that a shot too.

I’m down for some Live gaming tonight, assuming I don’t get too bogged down in my guild’s ZG trash clearing run tonight.

I’ve got GRAW, PGR3, Call of Duty, and MLB2k6. I should also be getting Amped 3 and DOA from Gamefly tonight

Friday nights are universally bad for me but if the wife falls asleep early, I’ll pop on. I have been looking for a good Burnout Revenge game but GRAW is just fine with me.

If I was going to be around I’d suggest the MotoGP demo. It would amusing if nothing else to watch us all constantly crash, well me anyways, man I can’t play that thing. It did have a live portion right, I think it does just haven’t tried it.

It does. I dont even crash spectacularly though, I can drive straight long enough to pick up any speed. I am NEVER buying a motorcycle.

Grrr. UNO has a bug that I’ve noticed, and it’s keeping me from unlocking the “Bluff” achievement.

If you bluff on a Wild Draw 4, the computer doesn’t seem to realize it. To get the achievement, you need to bluff 2 times in a game, and I’ve done it. And no achiement. I’ve also bluffed and been Challenged with no penalty to me, so there’s an obvious bug that prevents the system from realizing that you’re bluffing.

I wonder if it exists in multiplayer, too… We’ll have to find out!