X360 Sales Data

Stats from NPD Group.

  • 325,902 Xbox 360s were sold in the United States in November.

  • 556,221 Xboxs were sold in the United States in the same number of days following launch.

  • The best selling Xbox 360 title, Call of Duty 2, sold 250,730 copies; it was the 3rd best selling console title in November.

  • The worst selling Xbox 360 title is Ridge Racer 6 with just 9,091 copies sold.

  • Perfect Dark Zero was the best selling first-party title and number three on the Xbox 360 sales chart.

  • The worst selling first party title was Kameo: Elements of Power, with 73,801 copies sold. However, Kameo was number 8 on the Xbox 360 sales chart.

  • Total number of Xbox 360 game titles sold: 1,273,352.

  • Total number of original Xbox game titles sold: 1,334,930.

  • Total amount of money made by Xbox game titles: $72,072,729.

  • Average number of games sold per Xbox 360 console: 3.9.

  • Average number of accessories sold per Xbox 360 console: 3.

  • Percentage of wireless controllers sold per Xbox 360 consoles sold: 98%

Also, the top 10 selling Xbox 360 titles are:

  1. Call of Duty 2 (Activision)
  2. Madden NFL 06 (Electronic Arts)
  3. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Electronic Arts)
  4. Perfect Dark Zero: Limited Edition (Microsoft Games)
  5. Condemned: Criminal Origins (SEGA)
  6. Project Gotham Racing 3 (Microsoft Games)
  7. Perfect Dark Zero (Microsoft Games)
  8. Kameo: Elements of Power (Microsoft Games)
  9. Quake 4 (Activision)
  10. NBA Live 06 (Electronic Arts)

Ugh, Madden.

The 360 has already sold nearly as many games as the XBox 1 ever did? Seriously?

Um no… in the month of November. If Xbox 1 had only sould 1,334,930 games in its four-year lifespan I don’t think Microsoft would have bothered with the 360.

That can not be right. I think they might mean in the same time frame or something.

For November, yes :P

Oh. Well, it says total. And my brain hurts.

The interesting thing with the game sales comparisons is that (likely through bundle requirements), assuming a similar per unit loss on the actual console, MS came out way ahead by releasing less consoles compared to the original XBox launch. (Not to imply that it’s intentional or anything.)

Madden is unstoppable.

How much money does a console maker like MS and Nintendo make per game sale anyway?

If it’s like $5, MS would need to sell 20+ games per console to break even…

I think Microsoft increased it to like $10.

That’s not factoring in accessory sales, and their own first-party titles, from which they obviously make more.

Hence the reason market share is so crucial (and MS seems so hell-bent on launching very early to try to build it).

I’ve never heard anyone who would actually know, for a fact, state this. It seems like one of those rumors that has grown into “fact” by being repeated a lot. Does anyone have a reputable source for this? I’m very curious.

I think the standard royalty for the PS2 and Xbox is around $7 or $8, actually, not $5. Though of course that number is negotiable when exclusivity deals come into play.

Anyway, on to my point:

If all they were collecting was third-party royalties, sure. But MS makes a lot more off first-party games. If the wholesale price for a game is like $35, then each first-party sale is worth at least 4 or 5 third-party titles.

But MS has other sources of revenue. There’s accessories, as has been mentioned. Xbox Live Gold memberships. Xbox Live Arcade games. Marketplace items like themes and gamer pictures. Actually the whole just “Microsoft points” thing in general. Not to mention that I bet Microsoft is getting paid to host those movie trailers on the Live Marketplace, and probably got paid for some of the content that comes on the Premium hard drives (the music and video clips).

A friend of mine at Microsoft tells me that they have sold an incredibly high number of Microsoft points and that internally it’s being considered one of the more successful aspects of the launch so far.

Makes sense that people are buying points because there’s hardly any actual games to spend money on.

I haven’t read reviews for this game, but is this normal for the Ridge Racer series now? Thats a crazy low number.

Well, given the percentage of launch games that are racing games, I can see why RR would tank.

I have RR on my PSP. It’s nice for a PSP game, but the whole “goal of the game is to slide sideways on corners” aspect is annoying.

With PGR3 and the great-yet-annoying NFS, I don’t need a third racer.

Nice to see Condemned doing well. After years of “great reviews, not so great sales”, Monolith seems to finally be getting some retail attention with both FEAR and Condemned.

Also, he’s GAY. Gay for YOU.