X360 versus my projector -- FIGHT!

I have a fairly crummy old projector with no component ins, which makes it a bad choice for HD gaming. The low res doesn’t really help either, but it does have a VGA in that allows it to run 1280x1024 in some sort of cut-away-all-the-pixels-that-can’t-fit-in-800x600-and-interpolate-the-rest kind of way.

That’s in theory, at least. Hooked up to my PC, it does its nasty trick fine, but when it meets the x360, it turns green. S-video and composite works fine, but for some peculiar reason, the VGA cord results in a seriously green-tinted image. Even if I put down the resolution to 640x480, it still fucks with the colours. It’s a BenQ 6100PB, used for … about 2700 hours.

Any good ideas as to why it decides to turn a perfectly fine VGA signal green? There’s nothing wrong with the cable, because when I hook it up to my 20" LCD monitor, the picture displays perfectly fine. Hooking the projector up to the computer works perfectly fine too.

Have you tried wiggling the cable around while it’s plugged into the 360 to see if the color shifts? It sounds like it might be an iffy connector to me, but that’s easy to check (usually) just by wiggling the thing while it’s plugged in.

It seems like you were right! The scaler in the projector is obviously shitty, so running on 1280x1024 is a bit stuttery, but when I put it to 1024x768, there’s no tearing, the image is much, much, much clearer than on composite, and for some reason the games are brighter as well. And while the res is not quite HD, it’s much better than 480i. Glorious!

Thanks a lot! I probably wouldn’t even have bothered trying again if you didn’t suggest that …

Edit: 480p? From composite? Not likely …