X4 - Now with more flyable ships

Who’s ready to get hyped and then probably be dissapointed again?

If it’s like X3TC I will be so happy.

I liked the little they showed about the map controls, it was what everyone has been asking for ages.

Really wanted to like the previous games but just never got into them for some reason. Maybe this will be “The One”.

They seemed to learn a lot over the course of Rebirth’s life, and it became ultimately an enjoyable game. Hopefully this continues that trend.

Oh, man. The map stuff looks seriously cool.

The map seems like a capitulation to me. Ever since the first X, it seemed like the obvious way to make things easier is some kind of overview screen which let you give commands, but they resisted that idea and tried to keep you within a first person universe and not give you that tool. But now finally, they seem to have given up on that idea.

I wonder which talked about features will be discovered missing on launch this time.

I’m all in. I have been a fan of Egosoft since X: Gold (and X3: Albion Prelude is one of my favorite games ever). X: Rebirth almost changed that, but they improved it enough to restore my faith in them. So, I’m really looking forward to X4.

Sounds like only one of those guys has English as a first language but they all pull it off. Awesome.

Any word of VR support? I think one of the Xs did that recently.

Trailer looked good.

I am looking for official HOTAS support (which rebirth lacked from what i remember) and ideally also VR support. I feel like both of those things are required for a modern day space sim and if a game is lacking them, i don’t know how much i can pay for it.

I liked their post launch support of Rebirth, but i still probably can’t pre-order this. I will be keeping a close eye on it though.

They’re working on X-Rebirth VR right now.

They said VR maybe down the road, but as a.seperate version of the game.

This looks awesome - I’ve always wanted a spaceship game, where I could walk around in my spaceship, and this looks like it does so quite well.
It also seems like you can hire officers, which is also something I’ve always enjoyed. If the game is half as serene and beautiful as it seems in the above video, I’ll be quite happy!

Good, I would rather them focus all resources on the actual game and worry about the VR stuff later.

The video looked really promising.


Was Albion Prelude a big improvement over Terran Conflict? I have the latter and struggled to find the fun in it, and never did get the former.

Albion Prelude is likely the one I’ve had the most fun with since X-Tension.

X3 can be a difficult game to get into. It’s clunky, the UI is awful, and it was really buggy when I played it. Once I powered through that, I have an immense amount of fun and it sounds like X4 has a lot that was on my wishlist for the series (Dynamic AI taking over territories, etc).

“Fun” is incredibly subjective of course and the game may just not be your cup of tea, but I definitely find it was a game that took some real effort to get into that really paid off in the end. It wasn’t a game that immediately grabbed me at all.

Well, Albion Prelude had some pretty significant UI improvements. It also has better balance and (so I hear) better AI, and more variety and missions and such. It’s the ultimate version of X3 for sure, but it’s not radically different from Terran Conflict - only an improvement upon it. If you struggled to find fun in Terran Conflict, chances are you won’t find it in Albion Prelude, but it could be worth trying.

For the record, Albion Prelude is one of my favorite games ever, so keep that in mind. ;)