X4 - Now with more flyable ships

Strictly KBM. It feels very precise to me (especially after you install mass mods, it makes the ship more agile), I’d never go to a gamepad and I’m quite proficient with those otherwise. I actually had a similar experience with Elite Dangerous, friend gifted me a HOTAS when we both started playing at release, and then years later (last year in fact) when we both got back into the game we both switched to KBM and haven’t looked back. These are the mods I have applied on my ship fwiw:

Here’s a mostly solo K kill from today, using my Katana with some upgrades and Mk2 Protons. I think I found my people (Terran) in this game, absolutely loving this ship. I did not know however that Proton MK2s can only be used on Terran hulls, now I’ll need to look into other module restrictions. Fortunately MK3 Terrran medium shields seem to go on all M ships…

Anyway, here’s the video. Last 5 minutes are basically just me shooting at the XL shield module and trying to call in my destroyers to speed it up. Explosion at the end is super nice though.

Oh so when you say mass mods, you meant for your ship as opposed to a mod you downloaded to make flying better with M/KB?

Yeah, but I do use the Equipment Redone mod which gives the ship mods static rolls and properties. And you also get components back when you dismantle them, not sure if that was in vanilla or not.

Wow, you are soooo much better with that than I am. So do you use left click hold to steer, or shift-spacebar for mouse steering? Do you flight assist (ctrl-spacebar on or off)?

Thanks for helping!

Shift+spacebar, I like having a second indicator for direction. You can also lock the mouse to get direct steering but that feels weird to me because sensitivity is then tied directly to your ship’s turn rate.

I mostly fly with flight assist on, but sometimes like in the beginning of that video I’ll turn it off so I can drift at an angle and get a little more time on target. Well that was the idea anyway, almost none of my shots landed there lol.

edit: Forgot to mention, I fly with autoroll off, it’s much easier to maneuver in larger ships by manually rolling. I would also strongly advise against turning adaptive steering on.

So this is how smaller ships are made 😄

Thanks, @Bateau, for all these vids and your enthusiasm. Appreciate you sharing your enjoyment here.

Happy to contribute! 😊 Been a while since I was so immersed in a game. And I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface!

Yesterday I started another one of those missions that have you destroy station turrets, and sure enough, the Xenon weren’t too happy with it. This time i thought that I was prepared, i jumped in 4 of my destroyers. The Xenon were having none of it.

I immediately loaded the save and started to build 40 fighters to be used as escorts lol.

I’ve also been talking to a friend who is now also playing the game thanks to my endless barrage of pics and other things in our steam chat, and we’re both very excited to experience the scope that this game allows in a Star Wars setting. I’m so excited about trying out that mod! But for now that will have to wait, first the Xenon are due for some ass kicking.

And done with this station! Ended up soloing it again in a Katana. Seriously love this ship.

It also blows my mind how you can really see the simulation at work in these situations, initially the platform was throwing out defense drones, but after a while of me blowing them up and then intercepting supply ships they ran out! Simply amazing, and I’m glad I don’t have to deal with out of thin air magic spawning in this game.

That’s where my enchantment with X3 was lost, when I realized that a bunch of the economy was faked. X4 set out to make the full simulation and while it caused them a lot of grief early on (economy stalls and all sorts of things) they stuck with it and now it’s amazing.

Again, nothing else like this game. It has a lot of warts and rough edges but it’s a real gem.

Forsooth. It is amazing that it can work as a full simulation.

I have never played a X4 game. Are there any expansions that would be considered a must buy? Do any expansions give a better for beginners startup?

I’d say vanilla is already pretty good, but DLCs add a lot of flavor and variation. New ships, new weapons, some new mechanics. As for beginner starts, I think the Young Gun (Argon, vanilla) is one of the best anyway.

IMHO just try the basic, either the formula will click with you or it won’t.

Vistas in this game are something else:

I would second this, but do give the game a fair chance first, because it might really surprise you. A bit of a warning though, tutorials leave a lot to be desired, and you will need to google some things to figure out some parts, but the end result is sooo worth it!

I would second the recommendation to give it a fair chance. The way the game resists you as you try to do things can be frustrating until you figure out its groove. Requires some patience.

Well now that I’m very intrigued. X4 now on the wishlist waiting for the next sale :)

I think I will wait for a sale too. Sounds like 2 hours is not enough to test the game out so rather pay a lot less than 50 bucks to give it a shot.

My very first carrier getting ready to attack a Xenon defence platform. I love seeing all the fighters take off and land on it, so cool.

It was at this moment that the Xenon’s heuristic core determined that it had fucked up.

Station siege underway, FAF decided to join the party:

Man these stations have a ton of hull regen. I had to abandon my assault in progress (above), could not get the station below 24% with 4 destroyers constantly unloading on it, and me intercepting all the Power Distribution and mining ships that were flying in.

It’s time to make nice with the Terrans and buy an Asgard or two.