X4 - Now with more flyable ships

I was doing the first mission looking for signals and met the Boron ( I think that is his race). But somehow I turned down his mission by accident. How do I get it back?

Is it in your mission group? “Manage missions”.

I know! I will be asking him questions within a day.

Now that I’ve been running auto-miners for a while, they’re running low on good spots to do it, so I need to transition to refining or manufacturing some stuff for money? What would be a good thing to do in this case. I’ve only got my PDX base, and never built a base from scratch, so any advice to help me take these training wheels off would be great :)

Am I correct in thinking that a Captain’s level determines if they could search farther out to mine and sell their yield?

Yep. I only just learned that today too.

Uh-oh. I went to build a ship at Argon’s Wharf as they are my best friends in the game, and after searching for a while discovered the Xen had destroyed it! I also see a big huge Xen Destroyer milling around Argon Prime. I’m very afraid they may take over. Is there anything I can do to help with my puny forces? I haven’t even built my first production facilities yet!

If you can’t fight then directly you can help the Argon economy. They’ll need to build a new shipyard and replace lost ships.

Why did no one tell me I can pause the game in combat to search for targets or surface elements, or even when building?! OMG this is a game changer! If you didn’t know like me @geewhiz it’s the pause/break key. Not the escape pause menu.

I didn’t know you could pause either but to be honest I haven’t been playing that much. Still working on the first few missions.

The more the game clicks the more I fall in love with it. Cue @Bateau
I am restarting again LOL.

The game is on sale for all those who have followed the thread and want to jump in. Now in my library.

Yup! It can be a difficult game to get into, but it’s so worth it if you’re able to power through the learning curve.

Where do I get Thermal Disintegrator from? I thought I’d read with a split faction, but I don’t even know who they are. Are they the fallen families? Where on the map would I find them?

Towards east, orange/yellow sectors. I found the weapons to be abysmal and completely useless against anything below capital class. Slow projectile speed ruins the weapon.

@KevinC @Bateau @Mysterial I could really use some help. I’m ready to start building facilities to start bringing in major money but I don’t know what to build and where to build it. I see a lot of conflicting information on-line. I’ve read to build hull parts factories next to shipyards of factions at war. But that seems expensive and several have a hull parts factory in their shipyard sector already. Others said to build one in Flashpoint. Or build Claytronics. My fear is spending all my money to build these bases and then not getting business. I’d wondered about building in a more central location to feed a lot of places and not having plot costs by building in Nopileo’s Fortune. At 5 sectors away, it could feed Argon, Teladi, Paranid, HOP. But several are the max distance of 5 sectors so not sure if they’d buy hull parts from there when other hull part factories are closer.

My other concern is where to put the places to refine minerals and gasses. One for each element right on top of a sector with an abundance of those minerals that are within range of the stations that needs it? Or right on a station that’s making goods so there’s no delay on production?

I started from the bottom up with the goal of eventually supplying my own shipyards, so that meant no claytronics and the like for a while. I started with the simple stuff: solar cell stations, refineries, and then making basic goods. Refineries were placed where I needed them, e.g. the sectors where I had my miners operating. Hull parts were always a good seller for me, but it’s also been 2 full DLCs since I played so YMMV.

It’s hard to say with certainty what will be profitable because it really does depend on the state of your game universe. The economy is not faked, there is real supply and demand. So the best way to make a profit is to find out where demand outstrips supply. Hull parts for factions at war are a good bet because they can deplete that resource as they construct replacement ships.

If you haven’t already, you should drop sensor satellites near each shipyard. If you haven’t, I would get started on that. If the Argon shipyard is stuffed full of hull parts then you’re not going to move many units. Find another good or look for other areas of space where they are in short supply.

I have satellites everywhere to track prices. So did you make like one of each thing? Outside of refineries did you build most of it together in the same sector? Or close to where the elements0 were being refined?

If this was mostly to feed your shipyard, how did you make money along the way? Did you sell goods from each station, or excess to help fuel your economy?

Also, do minerals or gasses get depleted? I could be wrong, but it seems like Nividium concentration is lower than it started in the sector I’m mining in the game, but I hope it’s just my memory being off.

I first built one gigantic megastation that basically did everything but I wouldn’t recommend that. It may have changed but at the time it could really tank performance in the sector. :) So then i switched up to building more discrete stations.

I tended to have my stations clustered in sectors but depending on the good and the raw materials needed that’s not always efficient. That’s where a fleet of freighters comes in handy so they could shuttle large quantities of goods around for me.

I made money along the way by selling what I was making. Early on maybe that was just metals and silicon, then started producing hull parts and microchips, that sort of thing. Shipyard is kind of the very end goal, so the goal along the way was to A) make money and B) use that money to further build out my industry. Once I had my shipyard up and running fully supplied by myself it was basically a money printer so that’s where I decided to resign. I told myself an intersolar consortium broke up my company on anti-trust grounds and I retired the richest man in the galaxy. :)

I’m pretty sure this was reworked not long after I last played. The various resource fields used to regenerate at what seemed like a fixed rate so I could definitely over-mine them but never completely deplete a region of space. That might be different now, I would look for info online or wait for someone with more recent play experience to answer here. :)

Is it possible to track how much overall profit a station is making?
Also, how do I determine how much storage I need? It seems like the more stuff you have in storage, the lower the price you can get for those goods.