X4 - Now with more flyable ships


Whaaat? Thats crazy cool!


This game…

I have a frigate, a base, a growing fortune, miners, traders, and I can’t get enough. But the bugs! Sometimes I land on stations and there is no one there. I had a hard crash while going to a station to sell a bunch of crystals, about 2 million credits worth - lost all of that work.

The interface is a PITA. I still can’t figure out how to get people to work on my station, but I do have a manager. He just stands around whenever I land. LOL. Okay back to banging my head on the desk while at the same time loving this game.


X4: Foundations 1.30 Update Released

X4: Foundations - Egosoft

• Added graphics setting to show graphics card and screen separately on multi-GPU systems.
• Added option to restore all default settings.
• Added Nividium to items bought by Argon and Teladi trade stations.
• Added SSAA 2x and 4x options back in.
• Improved accuracy of turrets and gimballed weapons.
• Improved skill gain profile for NPCs.
• Improved station-based traders to sell products at at least the price set at their station.
• Improved options for selling illegal wares.
• Removed non-functional engine mod type.
• Removed mining turret compatibility from Sunder.
• Removed display of type icons for unknown objects on map.
• Removed mouse cursor emulation in start menu.
• Removed option to shuffle station construction plan for HQ.
• Fixed logbook showing oldest 1000 entries instead of newest.
• Fixed searching for ware names to use the correct trade filter.
• Fixed missing guidance information in Mission Manager
• Fixed invasions stalling and starving the war missions of suitable situations.
• Fixed illegal build plot for advanced gamestart “The Unworthy Entrepreneur”.
• Fixed player-owned ships sometimes dropping cargo without the player telling them to.
• Fixed passengers or prisoners sometimes being promoted to captain thereby changing ship ownership.
• Fixed turrets on M-sized ships flown by the player and set to attack all enemies not engaging hostile XS-sized ships.
• Fixed case of patrolling ships failing to engage pirates pretending to belong to their faction.
• Fixed police ships penalising unpaid plots in locations where they do not have police authority.
• Fixed “Promote best crewmember” button not working if ship has no pilot and all crewmembers have 0 skills.
• Fixed being able to recruit crew from NPC-owned capital ships.
• Fixed another case of AutoTrade not functioning.
• Fixed AutoMiners not selling the resources that they gather.
• Fixed some player-owned ships not allowing you to dock.
• Fixed L-sized turret and shieldgenerator blueprints not being available to the player.
• Fixed certain collectables not being picked up when you fly over them.
• Fixed ships stuck while docked awaiting an invalid build to complete.
• Fixed characters being stuck in unhelpful places.
• Fixed being able to clone crew members.
• Fixed player logo being applied to HQ asteroid.
• Fixed player HQ information menu not working after adding a production to the HQ.
• Fixed missing dock areas on builder ships.
• Fixed incorrect type of mines near gate in Eighteen Billion.
• Fixed error incorrectly appearing if build is completed.
• Fixed asteroid scanning not being possible.
• Fixed missing text localization in several places.
• Fixed missing German station announcements and other voiced lines.
• Fixed a case of ships having no collision detection.
• Fixed ships skipping collision avoidance in certain situations.
• Fixed most cases of clipping through docking bay floors when docking.
• Fixed a case of the player ship warping to an invalid location on undocking.
• Fixed more cases of the player ship warping around (e.g. after taking control).
• Fixed crash when installing broken equipment mods.
• Fixed occasional unrecoverable freezes.
• Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.


A lot of big fixes in there. Nice.


Did you build the habitation thingie on it?


That’s a good sounding patch!


OMG this sounds super hilarious.


New Beta branch also out. Allegedly quite good. Adds war and new modules & new mining targets.


I can’t stop playing. :)


Me either. This game has a lot to do.


I’ve not played in a week. It’s been so tough, but I’m in the middle of my video series, and haven’t had the energy to record. Silly, I know.


Mr. Rubin, if I wanted to play a more finished space game than X4 is today, should I play X3:TC (unplayed in my library) or Starpoint Gemini Warlords (on sale on Steam)?


How about Evochron Legeacy?

(But if you HAVE to choose between those two, Warlords is the better choice, I feel)


I have Evochron Mercenary in my library. I’m looking for something that lets me build an empire more than just a combat game.


You can build stations and such in Evochron Legacy. It’s a lot more than just combat.


I tried playing Evochron and it seemed even more obscure than the X games.


It’s far more ship-focused than the X games, I’ll tell you that.


The problem I always have with Evochron - besides it being overcomplicated in its own ways - is that I didn’t feel like my actions were having any direct impact on the universe state and most “events” just felt like random rolls that didn’t really care about existing state. Might not be actually true, but that’s how it felt. One of the things I’ve always liked about the X series is that they compress the time and space in a way that makes it easy to see shifts in the dynamic aspects.


That’s fair. If it makes you feel any better, the latest version has a dynamic war you can take part in.


And influence? Or does is just set up two warring sides to give you combat situations to jump into?