X4 - Now with more flyable ships

Small ships will not. Capital ships usually will. The vanilla capital ship AI has all kinds of problems with repositioning too much and in dumb ways, but against a stationary target it’s usually fine.

It won’t be too expensive, but it may be difficult to find and transport the needed materials. Advanced Electronics in particular are commonly low on stock and you need them for the turrets. Plus the enemy may try to kill the station while you’re working on it. On the upside, turrets will come online as their modules get built and materials are available - it doesn’t need to be completely finished to be able to provide fire support.

The destruction continues. Some Holy Order ships wandered into another Antigone-owned region of Second Contact and a minor fight brewed up. That was resolved fairly easily, but then I seem to have baited (again!) two seven-destroyer task forces into The Void. They overwhelmed the first defense stations and the scattered ANT response, and I’m currently trying to bait them piecemeal into the second defense station, but they keep getting distracted by builders and large freighters, which is OK as now I’ve removed almost all of the fighters, corvettes, and frigates. They did destroy the trading station, which is bad, I guess. (I don’t really know what they’re good for other than as a place to unload nvidium.)

I did manage to capture a pirate phoenix (another destroyer, maybe not so effective, but at least it looks cooler than the Paranid hairdryers) and a HOP resupply ship that wandered alone into ARG and HAT space. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it–probably strip it and sell it to try to save up for S/M fabrication bay plans.

I really don’t know how the HOP have so many ships, at least compared to ARG and ANT. I guess the fact that Argon space is cut in half with the HOP occupation of Second Contact II doesn’t help.

The money is coming in. I finally had the experience where I looked down at the money ticker and it was a lot higher than I remembered it being, heh. I do have probably 10 silicon miners, a couple nvidium miners, and a few ore / gas miners as well. And the factories are starting to come in–my food and medicine factory, weapons/advanced electronics factory, and HQ factory (various components and claytronics) all made a few million profit in the amount of time between when I clicked the “accept estimate” button on operating expenses and then checked back (maybe an hour or two?).

I sold off the Atlas (resupply ship) and an extra Heracles (builder) that I captured. I have almost 100 million, so I’m coming up on the cost for an S/M fabrication bay, but I’ll assume that there’s going to be a further enormous cost in getting it up and running, and the supply of actual ship materials. I haven’t yet decided if I should put it in Argon Prime, because I want to shore up Argon power, or in Teladi space where my HQ is.

Couple questions:

  1. Is there a reason to have your own builder? The 50k cost for hiring one is not particularly significant and AFAICT you can hold on to it indefinitely if you keep building. I only rarely have trouble finding a free builder.

  2. If I put missile turrets (on a station or a ship) and I give them, say, heavy cluster missiles and light smart missiles, will they know to use the one on capitals and one on fighters?

For #1 I didn’t have much of an issue relying on NPC builders. Their build speed is determined by the number of construction drones (although there’s a cap. 35 maybe?) so you will know your own will build at max speed, at least. Wasn’t that important to me, though.

I’m not sure on #2, hopefully someone here has more experience with missile turrets.

Thanks @KevinC, I haven’t really noticed a difference, either.

I have arrived! By which I mean I think I’ve made it over a bump in the power curve (well, the money curve). My ~20 or so miners just keep the money coming in, and after blowing 125 million or whatever on the fab facility, I got back up to 100 million pretty quick. Well, half of that was probably from some other things, such as:

  1. Completed a mission to capture an Odysseus, which was challenging because it was in a task force with six other destroyers, a resupply ship, and other supporting craft. I pulled it off by managing to string them out into an ugly fight in the asteroid fields of Second Contact II and bringing in my own task force. (It helped that they seem to be underequipped in terms of number of missiles, given the number of missile turrets they had. So once those were out my forces were significantly stronger.) In addition to the 7 mil for the mission, I got to keep the Odysseus (which I wasn’t expecting, for some reason)

  2. I also captured the resupply ship, which was probably a good 10-20 mil itself.*

  3. A couple other captures, various frigates and fighters, about half of which I sold.

  4. I took a building mission and built a tiny defense platform (7 million, probably 6 or 6.5 million after costs), and got together a fleet of a carrier, destroyer, and three frigates for about a 100% markup. (I just used the Argon’s own yards, which was a little strange–I could rationalize the part where I delivered them vastly underequipped by assuming that the government would outfit them after the fact, but really all that the mission consisted of was putting in orders and then running some hull parts around.)

*It’s really annoying that you have to strip down the ships for sale before selling them, otherwise you lose out on a bunch of money. Grr…

My defense platform is way stronger than it needs to be. (I think, I haven’t tested it against anything other than fighters.) But it is awesome to stand on the docks and see a fighter coming in and then watch an enormous sheet of flame reach up and pluck it out of the sky.

I also destroyed the two HOP defense platforms without any trouble at all. They didn’t have any missiles, despite having only plasma and missile turrets. And it seemed that only a couple plasma turrets could fire at my fleet at any given time–much worse fields of fire than what I remember the Argon platforms putting out.

Then I built an administrative center on my defense platform, and… Second Contact II Flashpoint is mine! Fwahahaha! (Of course the Argon have since built a defense platform with an admin center, but the sector is still outlined in green, so… finders keepers, I guess?)

Holy smokes, running your own shipyard is where the real money is. It seems like every time I check back in on it there’s another 20 million ripe for embezzlement reassignment. I just laid down an L fabrication bay and we’ll see how that goes…

I am suffering from a really frustrating bug, though (at least I assume it is a bug). In both my HQ and the wharf build storages, I seem to have several thousand hull parts locked up as a “ware reservation” from the main factory. I don’t know how they got there (maybe I added a bunch of transfer orders from the main factory to the storage and then cancelled them or something?) and I can’t figure out how to get rid of them. It’s really annoying because they’re in the build storage but they can’t be used for building, and they seem to sometimes block the transfer of goods to or from the build storage. For example, I’ve got a large freighter docked to the build storage and it’s been waiting to transfer goods for like 10 minutes now.

Anyone seen anything like this? @KevinC or @Mysterial?

Yeah, wharfs are shipyards are basically money printers. :) Once you hit that point the sky is the limit.

I don’t recall seeing that bug. So it says there’s a ware reservation but no ship listed with the reservation? Does the station have any build tasks queued up itself? If you have any freighters assigned to that station/manager’s Build Storage, maybe remove them from his control and re-assign, see if that works?

Stations are supposed to be able to transfer to/from build storage if it’s idle in one place and useful in the other, but there is apparently some kind of bug with it in 3.2. I don’t know the details. There is a beta version ongoing that might fix it, but you don’t want to get the beta right now, it’s not stable enough.

If it’s the build storage that’s supposed to be receiving, I think finishing all builds will get rid of it. That may require you to manually order a freighter to deliver goods via ware exchange (which ignores reservations)

There’s no ship but the station itself listed there.

I waited for the builds to finish (which is difficult for me because I’m always just throwing more crap on my stations) but that didn’t seem to fix it. :-(

I think speculate that it has to do with the fact that hull parts are being produced (and sold) by the station and demanded by the build storage, yeah. I’m going to try removing all ship traders and buy/sell orders and see if that fixes anything.

But maybe I’ll just have to sit tight for the patch bugs to get ironed out.

Thanks for the replies!

No luck on the ware reservations, and I feel like I tried everything. Oh well–I guess I’ve kind of moved on to other stations. Like my shiny new L shipyard–just up and running. No customers yet, though, other than myself. And yikes it takes like 45 minutes to build a Behemoth. Added some habitats to it to try to speed it up. (And get some crew to recruit–there is apparently nobody willing to hop on the ship despite the fact that I see them when I walk around the station.)

I’m now conquering the HOP sector of True Sight. Because why not?

Here is my motley crew going at a defense platform. They would be so much more efficient if they just spaced themselves out a little and pointed their guns at the target. sigh

Man, I must be playing wrong. The last two games the HOP took over Antigone and Argon Prime. This is about the time I can get 1 or 2 stations up and producing something.

And I swear I ain’t fucking around either. I grind those crystals. Buy ~20 miners. Set them up and keep them busy. Then I move the good pilots to 6 or 7 traders and buy subscriptions. Keep mining. Good money is coming in but not real Navy money. Then the HOP show up and fuck up everything.

This is vanilla. I’m pissed and bored. Going to have to do some mods for the next run. But but right now I’m tired of it.

Are you doing the Argon start? What is your starting standing with the HOP? If it’s above -20, you can grab a non-military ship (like a small freighter) and pop some criminals near their stations which will quickly move you to the point where they won’t be hostile to you anymore. That is what I did with my first Split game because the Argon hated me. At -15 this meant the would shoot at my military ships while leaving civilian vessels alone. If you start at at -20 or worse though you would have to sneak into their sectors and kill Xenon or something.

Aside from that, you can build your stations farther away in Teladi space. If they overextend too far I would expect the other Paranid faction to take it to them.

Hey Kevin! I was hoping you would reply :)

Yep, I’m doing the Argon start and I’m not hostile to HOP. My short term plan was to build up in relative peace until I could afford a half dozen or so capital ships and fighters. Stations, miners and traders were to be the backing I needed. I kinda figured I’d help out the Argon,ANT,PAR with their war. But before that I’d keep the peace. In the second game I set the global trade rules to avoid trading with HOP. I didn’t want to boost their economy. Didn’t matter, they didn’t need it.

I put a lot of hours into two games this month (covid). In both games Antigone gets pasted in a few days. I was really hoping to get a mega station built in Memorial. Its perfect with local resources and super high demand. But I can’t get one simple hull production station up in time before they are cut off. The HOP rocks ANT out of The Void and the semi vacuum left lets the Xenon run rampant. Not healthy for my traders trying to build the station there.

And in both games Argon prime soon follows.

Looking on line, It’s said that the HOP are strong but it’s somewhat randomized.
It seems weird that 15-20 hours in two major players get sidelined. Argon has another warf on the other side of the galaxy but there is no coming back after losing Prime.

I guess I was hoping the galaxy would maintain some kind of equilibrium until I could have some influence. I suppose this is not that game.

Thanks for the reply!

Out of curiosity I wanted to see how long my second game went.

1 day and 4hrs.

That’s how long human civilization has left in this galaxy. 1 day. It’s time to party like it’s 825-02-08 11:00!

@GreasyPig I don’t have anything to add, unfortunately. The HOP were quite strong in my game but they only got as far as Second Contact II Flashpoint and then couldn’t get further. I don’t think I was nearly as efficient in my game as it sounds like you were in yours.

Anyone know how I can get some torpedo bombers to actually fire torpedoes? I outfitted four Perseus fighters with two launchers each and a full bay of torpedoes. When I tell them to attack an Atlas or an Odysseus they charge right at it and… do nothing. It’s really quite frustrating. (If I take control I can of course fire the torpedoes, and they make nice booms.)

Unlucky I guess. The kicker is I had to put 24hrs into each game to see the flop. Two bad hands in a row.

I think next game I might put my stake in Silent Witness I off the highway. But I need a break from it for now.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with my bitching. I really dig all you’re action reports. They’re super fun to read.

Our good friend @Mysterial wrote the Faction Enhancer mods. If you’re not adverse to mods they might be worth checking out, the Argon have always put up a great fight against the HOP in my games (3 or 4) but I was running modded. If you’re on Steam they can be installed from the Workshop.

I will for sure check that out. Thanks.

I was also thinking to mod out blueprints and research. Both are tedious time sinks.
Blueprints are expensive so I steal them anyway. I’ve done that mini-game so many times I don’t want to do it again. Ferrying supplies to the PHQ for reasearch is not fun. Just more spinning plates.

I realized that in order to complete a quest line, I’d have to make up with the Holy Order (I don’t think there’s any other way I can get a Zeus Sentinel, since they don’t seem to be building them for me to capture). I was at -30, and had no idea how to do it, so I went around shooting the little criminal civilian ships. That got me to -21 when I happened upon a Scale Plate Behemoth in their space, and that got me to -9 or so–no longer actively hostile. I completed a station building mission and set up some sector autominers and I’m now at +11. It will be a bit of a slog to get to the +20 I need to buy a carrier from them. (The mission requires the Sentinel variant.) I’ll grind out some missions (mostly infrastructure/supply and intelligence ones for their war effort, it seems) and I’m setting up a factory to sell them advanced electronics–hopefully that will do it before too long. Kinda funny to go from “that guy who took two sectors from them” to best bud, but hey.

I’ve set up three fleets, each based around a carrier and supply ship. My first fleet has something like 15 destroyers and 60 or 70 smaller craft, but the newer ones I’ll probably standardize on ~7 destroyers, 30 fighters, 10 corvettes and 10 frigates. (I thought the carriers could hold 50 craft, but they don’t all seem to be docking at once.) I’m building up to four L construction bays on my big shipyard (since it still takes >45 minutes to build a destroyer). I really love just queuing up 30 Pulsars, 20 Ares, 10 Nemeses and 10 Gorgons and letting them crank out, though. I also love experimenting with different builds, though to be honest I don’t think it makes that much of a difference when it comes down to it, since it’s the numbers that will tell.

I do love seeing the fighters come shooting out of the launch bays of the Colossus. Never gets old–especially when standing on the dock of the ship.

Apparently this was a real bug, though I don’t know when the fix will come out, or if there’s any kind of workaround. Really kind of a bummer, as I had a bomber pulsar design with 3x torpedo tubes and 3x dumbfire launchers (for heavy cluster missiles) that would have absolutely shredded anything they came across. The other issue is actually setting the active missiles for 10 ships is mind-numbingly tedious, and they always seemed to resupply with the wrong kinds of missiles. :-(

Really though, after I finish the quest line, I’ll probably be done with at least this play through, unless I decide I want to take some Xenon sectors. There is a weird crystal structure in one of them I’d like to own (though sadly it would just be for looks).