X4 - Now with more flyable ships


Ok another evening in and this game just keeps getting better and deeper. Love the faction meetings and the depth and elegance of the ship management system. The pacing is well done too, I dont feel like I am grinding with repeated activities but clearly advancing at a solid pace to a goal and enjoying the ride as I do so. Very good.


I appear to have lost the main story mission just as it started. Was just starting the conversation with the Boron scientist when the phone rang. I hit Esc to pause the game. After finishing the call and going back to the game the convo window on the right was closed and the sparkly light in front of me was gone too. Don’t see the mission in my list anywhere. Anyone know if it’s possible to restart the mission somehow, or do I need to go back to a previous save and try again?


In the Mission Manager, you don’t see anything listed in any of the categories? If not, it may be best to load a save.


@KevinC - Nothing under Guild Missions. Two under Other Missions: one is to finish a tutorial and the other is to find bountiful Silicon resources in the starter system. One under Upkeep Missions to hire a Captain. Guess I’ll have to start going back through my saves to find one before the phone call.


And nothing under Available Missions? Perhaps you could try going back into scanner mode and finding the signal again, if it never started the quest chain?


I don’t agree with 100% of this (the 12 months thing is rubbish), but I thought this guy’s write up covers the current state of X4 pretty well to anyone on the fence.


@KevinC There is nothing under Mission Offers. There is no Available Missions tab that I can find, only the tabs I mentioned above. Might try to rescan but it might be easier to just find a save prior to the phone call at this point. Thanks for the help.


There’s a Mission Manager for the missions you have accepted (which seems to be what you’re describing) and an Available Missions screen for ones you haven’t accepted. If you open the Map, it’ll be a separate tab/button on the left hand side of the screen.


I check missions with through the Mission Manager with Shift+M. Will look at the map for what you are describing. I just “assumed” Misson Manager had all relevant missions, available or otherwise.


Aren’t available missions dependant on the stations you’re close to?


@KevinC OK, it looks to me like M and Shift+M do the same thing. On the left I see a tab called Mission Offers and Mission Manager, along with others not relevant to this issue. The Mission Offers tab has two choices at the top: Guild Mission Offers and Other Mission Offers both of which say No Missions. The Mission Manager choices are as I detailed above. There is no tab/button that says Available Missions. Maybe that is because I don’t have any available right now?


@BrianRubin I’m 8km from the starter station. It’s the only one I have found so far.


Oh, you gotta find more stations. Get into long range scan mode and find some. They’ll show up as unknown stations in the map one you ping them.


@BrianRubin I will do that, thanks. Was just trying to figure out if I permanently lost the story mission and need to restart from a previous save. Will restart as I’ve already spent too much time trying to figure it out instead of just restarting.


If you’re that early in then yeah, that sounds like a bug.


It was Mission Offers that I was thinking of. If it’s not there, then it’s probably either time to rescan for the signal or reload/restart. :(


Man, you guys really love the jank.


There isn’t really anything out there like the X series. X:Rebirth was not what I was wanting, so for me it’s been 10 years waiting for a full sequel to Terran Conflict.

I don’t love the jank, it’s just something I grit my teeth over and deal with because the rest of the game is so engaging to me. This is 10x the game that something like Elite: Dangerous is, despite that game having significantly higher production values, much better engineering, a flight model that beats the pants out of X, etc. But X has the galactic sim experience that Elite keeps saying they have but really has no impact on anything.


Here’s an example of the good and bad of X4. The entire galaxy/sector/whatever has a real economy. Every station or ship that is constructed needs to have materials sourced. If the Teladi lose a fleet, they will want to rebuild it and that means that the demand for those components goes up. You can build structures and manufacturies yourself, so you can profit off of this by having the right production chains as well as a fleet of AI captains under your command from traders to combat pilots to escort them.

That also brings us to the bad things about the X games: all the shit that gets broken. Right now, reports are that 40-50ish hours in the game the galactic economy can stagnate. NPCs stop building ships, demand for everything plummets, etc. Apparently that is due to a combination of bugs as well as some War-related behaviors that were disabled prior to launch due to the issues it was causing, which Egosoft is working on correcting now.

That kind of encapsulates the X games for me, especially right after release. It’s amazing and amazingly broken, but at the end of the day no one else is doing stuff like this. Thankfully, Egosoft has a track record of banging and banging on something until they fix it up, so I know it’ll get there.


I’m shelving this for now, as well. It just has too many issues that make me wonder whether something is broken, or whether I just don’t understand it. So I’ll just wait until it’s fixed or better documented. Right now, it feels too much like throwing my time down a hole.

An economic apocalypse sounds like a feature, not a bug! An enterprising player should be able to make a killing from that.