X4 - Now with more flyable ships


Tried it, figuring it’d be less damage to the crate if I missed. Doesn’t work. Not sure if intentionally or just another bug.


For shooting lockboxes / shooting/repairing I use the spacebar (default key) not a button, that helps ration out the shots so you dont blow em up. tap a key per shot is easier than tap a button for me.

But yeah they are a pain I skip em.


I think that means you beat the game. Now your character is enjoying his retirement.




Those videos by grayduster are pretty good. They’re filling in some things for me, for sure. I’m up to the point in the second video where he’s going to buy a second ship, but I think I’m going to take a stab at it on my own first and see how intuitive it is going in blind.

… because I hired a captain based on a mission entry and this is now happening:

I’ve got Rudy here flying us to a Space Wharf so I can buy him his own ship, because hiring a captain for a one-seater isn’t particularly helpful. Granted, he’s noticeably a way better pilot than the autopilot - that drunk - but I still like to drive, too.

One thing that was helpful from that video series was pointing out the difference between a dock and a wharf. I thought I had to save up millions to get another ship, but I guess docks just have the big expensive ones and wharves have the smaller ones. I hadn’t been to a wharf yet.

I also got my Teladi faction rating up to a level that triggered some more faction options when I reached it with the Argon, but nothing new came my way from them. I’ll keep ingratiating myself and see if something happens at some point.


You actually want your normal flying ship to have a captain even though he’ll be in the cargo bay doing nothing most of the time because if you want to capture a ship, you currently have to enter it and fly it to a station yourself before you can get a pilot for it. If you don’t have a “spare” captain in your original ship you can’t order it to follow you to the station so you can switch back.

Also, when you buy a ship, a captain will come with it for free.


Oh, okay. That makes sense. I’ll stash him in the glove compartment when he docks at the wharf, then.


Finally getting my head around the game. Got part way through the main mission and stopped when I collected a big chunk of credits for my efforts. Went to Argon Prime and bought a silicon miner ship for around 250k credits. So far it has made back 200k and by the time I post this it should have broken even for me. All profit from here! :) I’m debating buying another miner for ore or getting into trading. Don’t want another silicon miner so as not to flood the local market. Or maybe it’s time to finish up the main mission. Decisions, decisions…


Your picture looks so good, but the game’s aliasing looks so bad! Please tell me your playing this on Chromebook lol.


The X games always look pretty bad when it comes to aliasing. The graphics are mostly fine, but it’s not a game I’d ever recommend for the production values. :)


I am running it on a desktop with a GTX 960 on it. No idea of thats a bad video card or not.

But yeah the game basically looks like a AAA game… from 2006.



Ahh, nice tip! I met a cute little alien fella I wanted to hire as captain last night but I thought he’d take my place in the pilot seat. Good to know I can stuff him in the cargo bay until he’s needed.

Getting back to shooting weapons… has anybody figured out a way to use LEFT MOUSE to fire primary weapon? The default weapons setup is so janky but I don’t want to screw up the other key combos now that I’ve memorized them.


I thought they fixed the bug with miners dumping their ore in space? Was just watching my silicon miner and I saw he had a full load so I was expecting him to head to the refinery to sell it. Instead all of a sudden he dumped about 1000 m3 out the airlock?! Then he headed off to sell the rest. Grrrr…


Better check your books, I think you’ve got someone skimming off the top!


Given the state of the game a bug is more than possible, but it’s also possible he got accosted by a pirate. I think they’re supposed to notify you when that happens, though.


I checked the logbook. No pirate activity reported. I was literally watching the ship on the map when he dropped the silicon and no pirates were in the vicinity.

Edit - There is a thread about it on Steam. One guy suggested the miner will drop excess ore above the buy order amount before going to sell it. That makes sense even if it is dumb.


Ah, that makes (broken) sense. Rebirth had a LOT of problems along the lines of “trader gets stalled because it got stuffed on goods it isn’t working with right now” so it’s easy to see the bug progression there.


Latest beta patch apparently fixes the invasions stalling. Not sure if that also fixes economy problems - it’s not specifically mentioned, but if building more ships means using more resources then it might.


Bought it, couldn’t wait for the weekend.

I severely underestimated how much information this game throws at you right out of the gate.


And yet it’s still got the gentlest learning curve I’ve ever seen in an X game.


I was just reading the Egosoft forums and a moderator there mentioned that it is possible to take over sectors. And rename them! Taking over a sector apparently allows you to see all ships and stations and what they are doing.

Edit for reference