X4 - Now with more flyable ships

@Bateau Are you still playing? Been awfully quiet :)

I’m on vacation back in my home country for the next two weeks 😊. No access to PC (un)fortunately.

Oh good! Glad you didn’t get bored. I’m trying to set up some automated things as I have zero money and silicon mining is going horribly slow. Losing 3 million worth of goods plus my ship made me rage quit last night. I lost 10 hours of gameplay overall because for some reason the autosaves I’d been depending on for backup, overwrote themselves so they all load me right into the game just before my ship blows up. Then after I am auto-ejected, I can’t get a ship to me in time because those Xero or Xenon assholes decided to kill me while I’m floating defenseless in space.

I’d use this as a learning experience and start over .i did the same about 20h into my first save, no regrets. For money i usually set up a few Tater traders (Dead Tater preset), using M argon freighters. Really nice passive income.

In my current save i will have to decide whether I’ll buy a few Terran destroyers and kick some Xenon ass or invest into station building to get my own production chains going. Currently have about 200m credits.

I’d held off on that potato trader mod as I wasn’t sure if it was kinda like cheating? Or does it just make things easier? I’m considering restarting, but I got through some god-awful story missions (all the second assistant stuff) and not sure I want to do all that again. Maybe it won’t be as bad next time since I know it?

If you use cheats or mods your game gets flagged as “modified”, which mostly means nothing currently. At some future time they planned some online stuff that you wouldn’t be able to participate in, but even if they ever get around to that IMO the benefits of mods outweigh whatever they’re doing. If it’s the difference between you having fun or not as it seems here, I’d download something that can keep you alive in your autosave so you can stay as you were.

I’ll try that but not sure it will work because my ship is in the process of being destroyed during the autosave.

@Bateau Have you added any of the mods than add ships or makes them more customizable?

Is Tader Trade a script, so I have to select it and assign it to a ship for it to actually be active? And if I don’t, then it’s not doing anything?

Correct, you can find it in the behaviour tab. If you don’t assign it to a ship then it won’t be used. Author of the mod states that it’s not a cheat mod, merely convenience. Your traders still only know the prices that you yourself have access to.

As for ship mods, so far I have only reenabled Asgard and Syn from the Terran faction which you otherwise cannot buy.

Oh nice! How do I do that too?

Both are on workshop, same author.

Dumb question, but why aren’t they available in the game to buy normally?

I believe they’re intended as endgame goals so the design is that you need to get the blueprints and then construct them yourself at your own shipyard.

I don’t know if it works this way for those particular ships in X4, but in X3:TC you could always board ships with enough marines and take what they won’t sell you. :)

Ahhhh that makes sense. I think I won’t make them buyable for now so I have that as an end-game goal. Then in later games enable them. I also see he has Ragnarak buyable. Is that another one?

I have restarted several times because it helps me learn. I restart and then try to repeat what I just did and it reinforces it in my head.

Another reason is I got stuck. I did the space walk and couldn’t get back in the scout. Easier to restart (if I forgot to make a save). I have been using the Cheat Menu mod to give myself a bunch of money and then try to do things in the game (like I plan to try and buy mining ship and set it to auto). Once I learn how to do something - I restart and try something else. I like doing it this way as I am not invested in a game too much as I teach myself the skills.

I think once I am more familiar and start a game for real I will cheat enough to get a better scout rather than the starting ship. At the very least I want the better docking software.

One of the starts allows you to begin with a completed PHQ which reduces a lot of of the early game tasks.

I decided to restart too! Going much better this time.

I came here to post that after 40 hours of playing it just dawned on me… each sector holds a planet or a moon! I thought this game was a whole galaxy before, not just a solar system or two.

Does PHQ start also give you teleport ability?

I read somewhere that not all Sectors are equal in that some are larger than others. I thought they were all the same size but I suppose the symbol on the map doesn’t equate to the same size like i was thinking.

Not that I know from experience. I am still trying to get my head around the difference between a Jump Gate and a Super Highway.